At what height do I set my extractor when installing above a hob?

The installation height is determined by the style of cooker hood you wish to install.

As a minimum requirement we suggest 650mm over a ceramic or induction hob and 750mm over a gas hob for a standard chimney style hood or any other flat base hood.

This example should be 750mm high over gas.

This one should be 650mm over ceramic.

Angled headroom hoods can be set approximately 50mm lower for each example (above) as the motor unit is further away from the hob due to the sloping design.

It is not recommended to install the hood any higher as it will reduce its effectiveness at purifying the air and removing steam from the kitchen space.

If you are installing high power wok burners or deep fat fryers that create a lot of heat then keeping to the 750mm height is recommended.