Can you get a 13 amp induction hob?

Yes, we sell some that can be plugged in.

What is a 13 amp induction hob?

A 13 amp induction hob, sometimes referred to as ‘plug and play’ induction hob, is an electric hob that comes with a standard 13 amp plug attached or one that can be attached to it and will run off a normal plug socket.

To check whether the hob is suitable for a 13 amp plug, check the data badge and make sure the power is less than 3000 watts.

This one is OK to plug in.

This one must be hardwired and cannot be plugged in.

A 13 amp induction hob will regulate the power if multiple zones are used at once and suitable for a 13 amp supply. This means that you will not be able to run all zones at full power at the same time.