How to Clean a Ceramic Hob: Our Top Tips

If your kitchen once featured a standard gas hob, you’ll know you could be a little more abrasive when it came to cleaning it after the evening meal. The ceramic hob, not so. So shiny and sleek, it seems like one foul move with the wiry side of a scourer will mean a scratched surface forevermore – and everyone knows that isn’t a good look!

So, what do you do? To help you out the next time you splatter soup, sauce or spaghetti on your new and shiny ceramic hob, we’ve put together our top tips for ensuring the cooker top remains squeaky clean and scratch-free. Read on…

A chic, contemporary feature in any kitchen, ceramic hobs are simple to use and, as an added bonus, can actually be easier to clean than regular cooker tops. If you only knew how though, eh?


Now you can simply follow this handy four-step guide and a shiny ceramic or glass hob could be mere minutes away…

  1. Begin by removing any pieces of food from the hob. This will ensure you’re simply working with any stains that are left, which will make tackling the area much easier from the off
  2. Next, grab your preferred cleaning fluid – products which have been formulated for ceramic hobs are relatively easy to find – and apply a small amount to the hob. Smooth in texture, cleaning fluids like this are designed purposely for ceramic hobs to ensure food doesn’t scrape away from the area and leave a mark. That said, it’s important to thoroughly read the directions on the product you intend to use before you blindly squirt it over your ceramic hob
  3. Giving the cleaning solution more than enough time to soak in (although be careful you don’t let it dry completely), you’ll find dried-on food quickly becomes softer and therefore easier to remove
  4. Next, dig out a microfiber cloth from the cupboard under the sink (everyone’s got one in there somewhere, haven’t they?!) and simply use it to clean the rest of the hob.

Are there any areas of the hob which require a little more attention? This is where good old, scrunched up newspaper comes in. Thanks to its rougher texture, it’ll help remove stains and food but won’t damage the area – result!

And now for a few don’ts when it comes to cleaning your ceramic hob:

  • Don’t go anywhere near it with any kind of abrasive cleaning fluid – it may only end in tears (and scratches!)
  • Don’t be tempted to use a knife to scrape away that hard-to-budge food. Just don’t.
  • Don’t try a cleaning solution that’s meant for anywhere else in your home than your ceramic hob; doing so may leave marks, smears and general discolouration – a huge no-no when you’ve spent so much money on your shiny new hob

Is your ceramic hob in need of a good spring clean? Give our top tips a go and don’t forget to let us know how you get on by commenting on our blog (below).

Looking for some more tips? Money Saving Expert’s forum offers loads of tried and tested methods posted by its users.

Until next time…

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