What are venting hobs? Plus, an Exciting Offer…

Have you ever heard of a venting hob or oven? Well, by purchasing one, you can transform your kitchen and even save money.

Venting ovens and hobs go by different names, depending on the manufacturer, but they have one key factor in common: they can change the way you use your kitchen, maximising the available space while looking sleek.

But what exactly is a venting hob or oven?

Venting hobs are ceramic or induction hobs that come with their own extractor. These are built into the centre of its surface, meaning it won’t need to be paired with a separate extractor hob.

That’s where the money saving aspect comes in. Plus, we’re currently offering a free pan sat here on the My Appliances site. It’s available with selected venting hob models, so take a look here.

You can also view a short, video demo of one of our venting hobs, by heading over to our dedicated YouTube channel. The video focuses on our ART29183 Sirocco 77cm PowerFlex Induction with Downdraft model (pictured below), which you can see on our website.

A black glass model with four cooking zones, this particular venting hob has a black designer grille, a fan motor pack, LED Touch Sense display, an energy class ‘A’ brushless motor – and more.

Of course, venting hobs make use of high-tech technology. Fast and ultra-efficient, hobs like these use a magnetic field to generate heat. This allows your hob to cook your food much quicker than, say, a gas or electric hob might.

It’s also good news for the environment, as you can imagine.

So, why have an extractor in the hob?

If your hob has its own extractor, the design of your kitchen can be far more flexible. This makes it ideal for those who love socialising in the hub of their home – as there’s no need to consider adding an extractor fan that could otherwise dominate the space.

Free Pan Set with the Innocenti ART29190 77cm ICON Flex Venting Induction with Downdraft S/Steel

How do you make the most of our free pan set offer? Available when you purchase this venting hob, the offer sees you receive a set of pans worth £139.99.

Combining design and functionality, this design has an integrated ventilation module at the centre of the hob so you can put your all into whatever it is you’re cooing. Please note: in order for Induction hobs to work correctly, you do need to use ferrous metal based pans – full details on this are in the User Handbook. 

If you’ve decided a venting hob will transform your kitchen, take a look around our site to pick out the model that best suits your space.

Need help selecting a venting hob? Get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

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