10 Ways with…Flour

Have you been keeping up with our new ’10 Ways With…’ series of blogs? We’ve covered everything from lemons to baking soda to ensure you can get the most out of those staple cooking and baking ingredients.

Today on the My Appliances blog, we’re bringing you a handy ’10 Ways With Flour’ post. Why? Everyone has a bag of the stuff in their cupboard, yet apart from that sorry attempt at a sponge cake you made a few months ago, you’ve yet to touch it. Read on for some top tips….

1. Whip Up Deliciously Fluffy Pancakes – Think of flour and you’ll most likely think of bread. But the baking ingredient is one of the main ingredients in tasty American-style pancakes – yum!

2. Make Papier Mache Paste – If your kids want to have a go at papier mache, flour is the key ingredient for a handy homemade paste

3. Bake Bread – It’s an obvious addition to this list, but why wouldn’t you want the delicious aroma of freshly-baked bread to fill your home? This white bread recipe via the BBC is so simple you’ll be giving the recipe a go every weekend!


4. Use it to Make Glue – Who knew you could make a child-friendly glue from flour and water?! Well, you can – and this tutorial (click the link above) shows you how

5. Make a Tasty Accompaniment for Your Curry – Love a chicken tikka on a weekend? No curry fan should be without a naan or two – and we bet you’ll like this simple how-to, which explains how to make them from scratch

6. Got a Pasta Machine? Put it to Good Use! – Now, you’ll need a certain type of flour for this Jamie Oliver recipe, but why not grab a bag and try your hand at pasta making? Homemade pasta is much tastier than the shop-bought variety, and you’ll find that creating your own is quite a therapeutic process, too



7. Freshen Up a Deck of Playing Cards – I bet you didn’t expect a tip like this to feature in our guide! But it’s true – it really works! Simply drop the entire deck into a bag with some flour, which will soak up any grime and grease that’s built up on the cards over the years. Yes, you can tell all your friends about that one!

8. Don’t Get Stressed, Try This… – Remember stress balls? Well now you can make your own with a balloon and some flour. Yep, really. No flour? Try baking soda! Now, next time you feel like you’re going to blow your top, simple grab your homemade stress reliever – job done!

9. Thicken Gravies and Sauces – Is your gravy looking a little runny? Flour acts as a great – and cheap! – thickener, so why not give it a go tonight?


10. Make Play Dough – Another one for the kids, this quick and easy flour-based play dough recipe (found at the top of this page) is a real winner. Try it on a rainy day and see their faces light up.

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