Monthly Archives: November 2014


Easy Bakes for Children

Ever wonder what to do with your children on a rainy weekend, or struggle for easy recipes if they want to join in the cooking process? You’re not alone! Many parents can panic when their children ask to help cooking but as long as you ensure you do all the tricky cutting and make the…


The Greatest Food Combinations

One of the best things to do in the kitchen is to try out different flavours and to discover new tastes that will excite and enhance your taste buds. Sometimes you can put two different ingredients together thinking ‘this will never work’ and you’ve ended up making a masterpiece. Some flavours are just classics together…


Monday Leftover Delights

The weekend is filled with great food where you are able to spend your time cooking delicious meals for dinner parties and grand Sunday lunches to please your appetite. But there is always the same dilemma every Sunday evening as to what to do with all the food you still have left over. Here at…

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