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National BBQ Week

It’s National BBQ Week and the start of alfresco dining for the summer. So get yourself out in the garden with a drink in hand and enjoy everything outdoor cooking has to offer. Gas or charcoal? Whichever is your preferred method of BBQ’ing, there are pros and cons to both. Gas BBQ’s are brilliant if…


Sweden’s National Dishes

Another Eurovision Song Contest has been and gone and what a year it was! Shockingly we didn’t win…again getting a massive 5 points this year! The worthy winners this year were Sweden with their sixth win of the contest, making them the most successful country to ever compete. Måns Zelmerlöw performed his dance anthem ‘Heroes’…


National Tomato Week!

It’s National Tomato Week and this is a brilliant time for growers across Britain to showcase their tasty produce and get you to start buying them! Local stores as well as larger more well-known shops are getting involved along with schools who are teaching children about the different flavours you can get from the British…


National Vegetarian Week

It is National Vegetarian Week, and for all the vegetarians this is a brilliant chance to showcase all the brilliant tastes and ingredients you can use to make delicious veggie meals. The stigma of being a vegetarian is only eating vegetables however this week is a fantastic chance to find out about all the different…


National Doughnut Week!

From 9th to the 16th of May it is National Doughnut Week and this is a great opportunity for bakers across the UK to help in raising money for The Children’s Trust by donating all the money they make from selling doughnuts. This national event was founded by independent baker Christopher Freeman in 1991 and…

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