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10 Ways With…Sugar

Here at My Appliances we like to make life as easy as possible for you, by bringing you new and inventive ways to use your store cupboard essentials. With that in mind, our ’10 Ways With…’ series should solve all your cooking woes. But it’s not all about food prep; those household staples can be…


Space-saving Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchens, while primarily a space for eating or entertaining, can quickly become the home’s ‘dumping ground’. Your notice board is covered with months-old letters, your table is strewn with paperwork and THAT drawer…well, everyone has at least one that simply won’t open in the kitchen. Why? It’s stuffed with odds and sods that just don’t…


10 Ways With…Eggs

Whether you’re an ‘egg a day’ kinda guy or gal, or you have one every so often as a treat (eggs Benedict, anyone?!) it’s true that the key ingredient is never far away from your kitchen. Hey, you may even be a keen baker, consistently in the kitchen in a bid to give Mary Berry…

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