‘InstaFood’: What’s Trending Now?

Do you know your Facebook from your Twitter, and your Pinterest from your Google+? If you’re nodding your head right now, then you probably signed up to Instagram way before it was ‘cool’.

Regular user of the social networking site? You’ll also be well aware that the picture-sharing platform is predominantly about food. ‘Food porn’, #Instagrub, Instafood – whatever you want to call it, the site is pretty much built on the power of photos of people’s dinner.


But what’s trending in food now on Instagram? What’s the ‘avocado and poached egg combo’ of today? And what’s finally had its day? We’re talking you through the ‘Instafood’ trends happening right now. Hands up who’s guilty of posting at least one of these foods live on the site this week?!

Flat Whites Are Out

Forget your flat whites of yesteryear; hot coffee seems to have been replaced by, the quite frankly bizarre, but very tasty, milkshake/coffee hybrid: the frappe. It’s essentially your morning coffee minus the heat, and with a huge dollop of cream (or even ice cream), sometimes some sprinkles, and a few too many teaspoons of sugar. Martha Stewart has a recipe for one if you fancy trying it for yourself – and then Instagramming it, of course.

flat white

Food Bowls Are In

Move over, plates – you’re not needed any more. Well, not if you’re an Instagram user anyway. Food on flat china is no longer a thing; it’s been replaced by deliciously different bowl-based concoctions. Think the prettier the better and you’re onto something on the ‘Instagram-worthy’ barometer.

Is your morning porridge even worth bothering with if it isn’t paired with granola, a sprig of this, a sprinkling of that – and a killer Instagram filter? Ask anyone on Instagram and they’ll say ‘no’. For us mere mortals, though, milky oats and a swirl of honey is about as Insta-adventurous as it gets.

food bowlSay What?!

The general rule of thumb on Instagram is if you can’t pronounce it, add it to your dinner. We joke, of course, but the latest ‘superfood’ to make the shortlist for the ‘Insta-worthy Food Awards 2017’ is chia seeds. Yep, you heard us.

So they’ve been around for a while but only recently have they been adopted by anyone who’s anyone on Instagram. Et voila…fruit and chia seeds (pictured). Yum? Well, the jury’s out on that one.

*Not the name of an actual awards ceremony. We’re jesting again. (Sorry)

chia seedsSuper-Kaley-fragilistic…

…etc, etc, etc.

Are you sick of hearing about the health benefits of kale yet? If you are, you’ll also be fed up of seeing it all over your Instagram feed. That said, it is VERY good for you.



Finally…the reason we joined Instagram in the first place: cakes, sweets and anything sugar-laced. Yum, yummy, yum.

So macarons might have gone out with the ark (or the buttercream-topped cupcake), but big cakes? They’re here to stay. No doubt about it. Head over to the site and search by the #cake hashtag. Sorry, it won’t be good for your summer health kick.



We couldn’t sign off this blog without mentioning doughnuts, which fall under the ‘sweet’ category but deserve a little section of their own. Why? Who doesn’t love a doughnut – or drooling over one (or 300!) via Instagram?

Forget the cro-nut (the croissant doughnut, in case you weren’t ‘Instaaware’); the doughnut bouquet is taking over your feed right about now – and we couldn’t be happier.


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