Monthly Archives: December 2016


New Year, New Healthy Habits

With just a couple of days to go until we see in a brand new year, we’re already thinking about introducing some healthier habits to the My Appliances office. Like most workplaces, we love a slice of cake every now and again – and who doesn’t enjoy an occasional ‘Fat Friday’, too? But we’re making an effort to…


Christmas Tipples: Some Life Hacks

Christmas is just over a week away (arrghh!) and there’s food shopping to do, presents to wrap and last-minute gifts to buy. But let’s not gloss over the most important part: your favourite festive tipples. In this week’s My Appliances blog, we’re looking at some of the best-loved festive drinks and some accompanying life hacks…


Winter Warmers to Whip Up at Home

We’re not entirely sure how it happened but it’s December, which means two things: it’s officially okay to play Christmas songs in the office, and it’s equally acceptable to crack open the festive food! Okay, okay, so we’re not quite there on the turkey front yet (give us a few weeks), but we’ll certainly be…

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