Christmas Dinner: Some Food Shopping Tips

Arrgghhh! Are you pulling your hair out wondering how you’re going to get the big Christmas dinner food shop done in time for the big day? We’re here to ease the load a bit.

We can’t help you do the shopping itself, but we can offer you a few tips to ensure your big grocery expedition goes without a hitch. Here’s how…

Plan Ahead

It may go without saying, but taking the time to plan before you head to the supermarket really will ensure you stress that little bit less when you get there. Grab a pen and some paper and put a shopping list together. Play out Christmas Day in your head, thinking about what you’re likely to want for breakfast, what everyone will be drinking throughout the day and, of course, what’ll make up your big festive meal. It’s the only way you’ll remember every last thing you’ll need – from the turkey to the trimmings and everything in between.


Don’t Forget Non Food-related Items

So you’ve thought about the turkey and even the Brussels sprouts, but what about all the other bits and pieces? We’re not taking about carrots, peas and parsnips here, but things like Christmas crackers (for snapping, and for cheese!), napkins, disposable plates for the evening buffet – that sort of thing. Have you considered things like cocktail sticks, too? You may need them for your pickled onion/cheese combos for the finger food. Oh, and don’t forget place mats and a new table runner – if you need them.


Don’t Be Pulled in By Deals

We know it’s Christmas, but do you really need six huge bottles of Cola? The shops are closing for just one day; we’re sure you can survive on a lot fewer. Don’t be tempted by multi-buy deals, which may seem like good sense at the time but will actually mean you’ll have a larder stuffed full of things you won’t use past Christmas day itself. Be realistic about what you need and only get the essentials in.


Let the Kids Help

Don’t underestimate how helpful your little ones can be in all the preparations. Maybe you can shout out items for the shopping list and they can write them down? Or perhaps they’ll even remember things you don’t, like the fact that shortbread gives Granddad indigestion – that sort of thing. Get the kids involved and believe us when we say you’ll be glad of the extra pair of hands.


As we said earlier, the shops are shut for just one day; some of them are even open on December 25 itself – so don’t panic. Take some time to sit back and really enjoy the day, it only comes around once a year after all.

Oh and once you’ve done the grocery shopping for your Christmas dinner, you’ll want to make sure everything runs smoothly while you’re cooking it a day or so later. It’s from a few years ago, but we say you can’t beat this foolproof festive meal plan via The Telegraph. You’re welcome.

Until next time…

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