New Year, New Healthy Habits

With just a couple of days to go until we see in a brand new year, we’re already thinking about introducing some healthier habits to the My Appliances office. Like most workplaces, we love a slice of cake every now and again – and who doesn’t enjoy an occasional ‘Fat Friday’, too? But we’re making an effort to be good in 2017 and we’re thinking about starting right now. Want to join us? Read on for our top tips for a healthier new you:

Start with 5-a-Day

If you don’t know where to begin with a healthier regime, why not start with a good old ‘5-a-day’, introducing a handful of fruits and veg into your diet every 24 hours.

You could do this in all sorts of ways, too; juice a couple of oranges and enjoy them before you head off to work, or grab a banana and eat it as a mid-morning snack in the office.

Preparation is Key

When it comes to healthy habits, it’s all about preparation. Get into a routine of making your lunches in advance and you’ll find it much easier to stay on track throughout January and well into the New Year.

Can you whip up some slow-cooked porridge the night before work? Or maybe a bowl of homemade granola, ready to eat and enjoy in the morning?

4Get Outside

Vitamin D is just as important as Vitamin C, E and B – so make sure you take some time, where possible, to make the most of the sun peeking behind a cloud.

Okay, so that’s unlikely during January but if you’re jetting off somewhere exotic try to eat your breakfast on the balcony, being careful to wear a suitable SPF. A little bit of sunshine can do you the world of good, especially during the first month of the year, when moods are as low as our bank balances.


Utilise Your Slow Cooker

Did you get a slow cooker for Christmas? Get it out of the box and make good use of it in January. You can prepare delicious, healthy meals in advance and you’ll be glad you did when you roll in from work feeling tired and miserable.

Anything you can do to ease the load in terms of food preparation will stand you ensure you continue to introduce healthier habits into your day.

Think About Snacks

When you’re feeling peckish at work, it’s all too easy to reach for the biscuits and crisps – but not if you’ve put a little thought into planning your lunch box. A small storage container or food bag with a handful of nuts or raisins can be thrown into your handbag for on-the-go snacking. And trust us when we say that before long you’ll be a convert to healthier food. Crisps – what are they?!


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