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Bagel Bonanza!

I don’t know one person who doesn’t love a bagel, whether it is topped with ham and cheese or smothered in butter. Whichever way you love to eat yours, we all can agree that they are just delicious! Stacy and I met some fantastic guys on the New York Bagel stand at the BBC Good…


James Martin

We managed to bag ourselves front row seats for the interview with the incredible James Martin. We were so lucky because looking behind us, the area was packed full of eagerly awaiting people ready to hear what James had to say. James Martin was very entertaining and seemed more keen to talk about cars and…


Phil Vickery

When wandering around the BBC Good Food Show, there were so many fantastic businesses that offer truly brilliant kitchen utensils and foods. Along with these different companies, there were demonstrations going on throughout the day which we great to watch whilst resting your feet! The first one was with Phil Vickery who entertained us by…


International Sushi Day

International Sushi Day is upon us and if you don’t fancy going out for a meal, why not have a go at making this Japanese dish yourself at home? Sushi is a food that you can customise so much, the base is vinegared rice but the choice of fish, meat or vegetable that you put…


National Picnic Week 2015

It’s National Picnic week, and here at MyAppliances everyone is so excited to get there baskets and blankets out this weekend and go to the park. This week is aimed to provide you with the opportunity to get together and share different recipes and advice on all summer foods. If you, like us, are praying…

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