International Sushi Day

International Sushi Day is upon us and if you don’t fancy going out for a meal, why not have a go at making this Japanese dish yourself at home?

Sushi is a food that you can customise so much, the base is vinegared rice but the choice of fish, meat or vegetable that you put in is really up to you.

The original sushi was first made on what is now known as the Mekong River in Southeast Asia with the oldest known form of sushi being the narezushi. This is still made to this day and it is where fish is wrapped in soured fermenting rice.

We all tend to eat sushi along with condiments including soy sauce and wasabi. A popular condiment in Japan is also Japanese-style mayonnaise and here is a simple recipe for this if you fancy making it from scratch.


Sushi is so much more simpler to make than it looks and is also a great way to get your children involved in the kitchen.

This recipe here is for simple sushi rolls and pressed sushi that you can fill with your choice of filling including tuna, cucumber, red pepper and smoked salmon.

Simple Sushi


There are so many different variations to do so it’s entirely your choice on what you make but this looked so scrumptious! Smoked Salmon & Avacado Sushi! Get it here

Smoked Salmon & Avacado Sushi

Tuna Tataki is a popular sushi dish where the tuna is very lightly seared and served rare with soy sauce. Why not try out this recipe here if you want something adventurous tonight?

Tuna Tataki

If you are looking for a meat dish, this Beef Tataki recipe looks absolutely delicious and something I will be definitely trying tonight!

Beef Tataki


If you are looking to get your sushi on tonight, try these recipes and let us know how it goes!

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