Space-saving Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchens, while primarily a space for eating or entertaining, can quickly become the home’s ‘dumping ground’. Your notice board is covered with months-old letters, your table is strewn with paperwork and THAT drawer…well, everyone has at least one that simply won’t open in the kitchen. Why? It’s stuffed with odds and sods that just don’t belong there.

So how do you declutter and maximise the space in your kitchen? Today on the My Appliances blog, we’re sharing with you some top, space-saving tips to help you make the most of your kitchen – and your home.

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to your kitchen – and the many ways in which you can organise it – it makes sense to think outside the box. You don’t have to incorporate kitchen-specific storage solutions into your room; you could make use of bits and bobs from other rooms in the house.

A vertical box file-style magazine rack, for example, can be perfect for organising pan lids, digital weighing scales, or even cake tins. Simply Google ‘magazine rack kitchen storage’ to see what comes up. Some home owners use this office staple to tidy tinned food, or even foil and cling film – it’s a great tip that’s bound to save you space.


Make Time to Declutter

Organise your pantry and your cupboards as often as you have time to. This will ensure you’re keeping a rotation of any foods that might have expired. In doing so, your space will stay tidy – and you won’t be eating anything past its best. If your cupboards are full of dusty-looking tins from who-knows-what-year, just get rid!


Create the Illusion of a Less Cluttered Kitchen

If you can’t bear to open your kitchen cupboard due to its untidy state, simply add some woven baskets or storage boxes inside it, and pop a handful of utensils, pots, pans or appliances into each. Once you’ve got the hang of which appliance is in which box, you’ll be laughing – and your kitchen will look a lot better for it, too.

Psst! Chopping boards can also be neatly ordered in a woven basket or two – and they can even be made a feature of.



This is probably our favourite idea of the lot! HouseBeautiful has a host of solutions for your kitchen and this one is no exception – plus, it’s cheap.

Got an old wooden box? Make use of it by adding your favourite tins or packets of tea and displaying it on your kitchen tops. This could work for all sorts of things – and it looks good.

Don’t Underestimate Shelves

If yours is a kitchen without an abundance of storage space, make some. Shelves fixed to the walls provide somewhere to display the family china, or you might decide they’re the perfect solution for your cereals or dried goods. Either way, they’ll free up space elsewhere in your kitchen and that’s what it’s all about.


Do you have any tips of your own for a tidier, less cluttered kitchen? Let us know by commenting on this blog, below.

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