National Doughnut Week!

From 9th to the 16th of May it is National Doughnut Week and this is a great opportunity for bakers across the UK to help in raising money for The Children’s Trust by donating all the money they make from selling doughnuts.

This national event was founded by independent baker Christopher Freeman in 1991 and since then has raised an incredible £787,000 for various children’s charities. In 2005, The Children’s Trust became the chosen charity and since this, they have received an impressive £312,000 to help towards the care of children with brain injuries.

National Doughnut Week has grown as a more recognisable event over the years and last year over 100 businesses took part in helping to raise money in this tantalising and engaging way. All funds go straight to The Children’s Trust.

Just so you get an idea of what your money goes to…

£15 buys a fibre optic light for a sensory room

£200 buys a music system which keeps children stimulated and entertained

£57 buys a physio ball helping children learn to balance whilst also play and have fun

To find out more about the brilliant event and where you can buy doughnuts for the charity, visit their website here.

To get your taste buds tingling here are our favourite doughnut flavours of all time! The links are below if you wish to make your own yourself, but not until after you buy for charity!!

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Recipes can be found on the following websites: / / / / / / / / /

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