Help! Which hob should I choose?

If you’re looking at updating your kitchen with a brand new hob but don’t know which of our styles to choose from, here is a run down of each and their unique selling points to make the decision that little bit easier for you.

Gas Hobs

Our gas hobs are extremely popular and are perfect if you want a traditional look with a modern twist. A gas hob will allow you to easily control the heat and you can also see the flames which is a great visual. Our gas hobs come with auto ignition and the latest flame safety features, so if you’re looking for a gas hob then we have a great selection for you to choose from!

Gas Hob

For this particular 70cm gas on glass hob click here


Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are extremely stylish and may come across slightly more expensive to buy however are cheaper to run than any other hob. The clever thing about these hobs is that the surface does not heat up, just your pots and pans. This works by a magnetic field being created under the surface. They are highly responsive and easy to clean, you will need ferrous metal pans however this is a brilliant choice for a sleek finish to your kitchen.

Induction Hob

For this particular induction hob click here


Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs are a great choice if you want a surface that is very easy to clean and is highly responsive and quick to heat up. The touch control allows for a smooth experience and you are able to see when there is heat when the glass rings turn red. There is a great safety feature where the letter ‘H’ lights up to show if there is any residual heat.

Ceramic Hob

To take a look at our range of ceramic hobs, click here.


Solid Plate Hobs

If you’re looking for a classic look and want great value for money then a solid plate hob is just for you. This hob is simple to use with a heat indicator light to let you know whether the plates are hot after use. Having a solid plate hob takes little work to maintain but to prevent a large clean just wipe down after every use to ensure little work needs to be done on it.

Solid Plate Hob

For this particular solid plate hob click here


So now you know about our range which should make your choice a lot easier for you when you purchase your new hob.

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