Monday Leftover Delights

The weekend is filled with great food where you are able to spend your time cooking delicious meals for dinner parties and grand Sunday lunches to please your appetite. But there is always the same dilemma every Sunday evening as to what to do with all the food you still have left over.

Here at My Appliances, we believe that you can make some great meals with what is left and here are our favourite Monday delights that you should try your hands at!



If you had a lamb roast dinner yesterday why not try and make this scrumptious leftover lamb and lentil curry? Ensure that the leftover meat is thoroughly heated through and piping hot before adding it to the sauce.


Recipe can be found here


Cheese soufflé

Did you have a lavish dinner party on Saturday evening with a cheeseboard and just don’t know what to do with all the varieties of cheese you have leftover? Well why not make a cheeseboard soufflé which will allow you to make good use of various cheeses in a creative and yummy way.


Recipe can be found here


Stir Fry

Stir fry’s are a great way to eat vegetables but still making sure that the meal is bursting with flavours. It is also an inventive way to use your left over beef and veggies from your Sunday roast. From a traditional English Sunday to an Asian inspired Monday, you’ll soon love using all those leftovers in creative ways!

Stir Fry

Recipe can be found here


Bubble and squeak

Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for bubble and squeak with added poached egg and ham. Many parents try to make their children eat bubble and squeak but with little success so if you’re struggling to use up the last of the vegetables in a way that your kids will enjoy, follow this recipe and they will be gone in no time!

Bubble and Squeak

Recipe can be found here


Yorkshire Pudding Dessert

Here is an amazing thing to do with any Yorkshire puddings you have left over. Yorkshire pudding batter is the same mixture as pancake mix so why not put a sweet twist on them and you have a quick and easy dessert! Here is the perfect Yorkshire pudding recipe with blackberries and apples.

Yorkshire Puddings

Recipe can be found here


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