2020 Kitchen Trends: Some Insight

Every year, trends come and go. The fashion industry and interior design community updates its latest ‘must-haves’ annually (if not more often) and it’s exciting to see how these trends impact on our everyday lives.

The kitchen and what we cook are no different when it comes to trends and adopting ‘influencer’ behaviour. We can all relate to “no carbs before Marbs” and you’ve probably seen a Joe Wicks ‘Lean in 15’ recipe when scrolling through your social media.

Some of these trends move on quickly, while others impact the way we approach our lifestyles. There’s no denying that environmental issues have been a huge topic in 2019 and we’re now seeing how this is going to influence what we buy and make in our kitchens in 2020…

Pickling and Preserving

Pickling and preserving has been a way of storing and serving food for centuries. Over the past 12 months, the processes of jam making, fermenting and pickling have become popular again. Partly due to the health benefits such as improving digestion and strengthening the immune system, people are rediscovering dishes such as kimchi and sauerkraut and enjoying making them at home in their kitchens.

Courses are springing up across the UK offering enthusiasts top tips and lessons on how best to pickle and preserve their favourite fruit and veg and the best thing is it doesn’t involved a lot of kit… just space in your kitchen to work and store your jars of goodness.

Flour Power

Along with spicy Brussel sprouts, cauliflower pizza was one of the biggest food trends of 2019. Cauliflower flour is readily available and is a huge indication of how people’s dietary choices and needs are influencing the products we’ll be buying in 2020.

Cauli-flour joins the rank of rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour and even peanut flour as gluten free and wheat free alternatives. So, whether it’s pizza or brownies you want to experiment with, 2020 is the year for flour power in your kitchen.

Plant Based Meals

‘Meat Free Monday’ and the idea of being a ‘flexitarian’ is now part of our everyday language when it comes to discussing people’s preferences for when and how they choose to eat meat and plants. Incorporating more plants into our diets has benefits not only for our health but also the environment.

As research continues for the perfect meat-free burger we’re confident that 2020 will be full of plant based recipes and you’ll be having fun in your kitchen discovering new ways to enjoy fruit and veg. 

Botanical Boosters

Turmeric, CBD Oil, Rosemary Water – all these products have proved successful in the last year or so. Charcoal is still on many coffee house menus and Kombucha brews are popping up all over the place.

It looks as though our environmental conscientiousness is not only turning towards what we can do for the environment but what it can do for us and we’re thinking that these products will be making their way into your cupboards and fridges in 2020.

Whatever you’re planning to experiment with in 2020, we’re here should you be looking for new appliances and we’re looking forward to bringing you more news on what’s popular in the kitchen for 2020 soon.

Until next time…