2022 Trending TikTok Recipes

It’s easy to see that some of the most popular videos on TikTok are those giving us tasty food hacks. A video showing us how to spruce up the classic cheese on toast, or how to make pizza on a budget, end up nearly bringing the internet to its knees.

Perhaps all that goes to show is how much we like cheese on toast and pizza…

But anyhow, there certainly is an influx of amazing recipes on TikTok, calling out for us to have a go at cheffing for ourselves. And what could be more satisfying than that?!

Here, we list just a few of the trending recipes on TikTok.

Pizza Toast (Hailey Bieber)

We might as well start off with the classic dish that we kind of hinted to above. This pizza toast is a combination of fancy cheese on toast (what cheese on toast is topped with marinara sauce…) and pizza on a budget.

It’s easy and quick to make, and more importantly, extremely satisfying to eat.

Swap your usual pizza (pictured) or cheese on toast to cheese on pizza toast

Next time you’re asked to make cheese on toast for lunch, try concocting this for a surprised treat.

Fruit Watermelon Slices

With the days getting hotter this summer, you’ll thank us for bringing your attention to this delicious, fresh, and cool recipe.

It’s a load of colourful, vibrant fruit — blueberries, strawberries and kiwis — in half a watermelon, and set in jelly. That’s right. Set in jelly — in half a watermelon.

It tastes amazing and is a total attention-grabber. Both grown-ups and kids will love it.

Hot Girl Summer Salad

Who knew a video about a salad could go viral! This was posted by @herdresscode and has since garnered millions of views. And it’s clear why.

It’s light, fresh, tasty and zesty — and super easy.

Pretty much every salad is ideal for summer. They’re cool and crisp and nutritious. This one is no exception. Give it a shot.

Whipped Lemonade

Could this be the freshest drink you have this summer? We think it just might be!

And yet whipped and lemonade are two words that wouldn’t normally go together. But a trend has that power; it can take the questionable and, well, make it trendy.

With only a few ingredients, it can be whipped up (literally, as whipping cream is one of the ingredients) incredibly fast and, before you know it, you’ll be telling all your friends and family how amazing whipped lemonade is.

You will, of course, be met with a few frowns. But that’s okay. They don’t know how amazing it is. Not yet, anyway.

Sushi Bake

What a great spin on the classic pasta bake! Once this amazing-ness has cooked, you can literally scoop it out and spoon it onto seaweed sheets.


It’s hearty, yet at the same time has a freshness and a lightness to it.

If you like sushi, you’ll love this.

TikTok is absolutely full of incredible recipes for you to try and enjoy. Why not give one or two of them ago?

Until next time.