5 Bonkers but Beautiful Flavour Combinations

If you’ve agreed to make the evening’s grub tonight, or whip up a post-dinner treat, why not think a little outside the box? Sure, chips and egg us a family favourite, but how about trying something equally tasty but a little off the beaten track when it comes to your regular meal choices?

Many of the top chefs – Heston Blumenthal, for one – are primarily known for experimental cooking, which combines innovative flavours with quirky presentation. Tonight, you could take a leaf out of Heston and co’s book and create something as beautiful as it is bonkers! Here are a few of our favourite flavour combinations…

Bacon and Maple Syrup

An age-old favourite in the US, the pancakes, bacon and maple syrup flavour combination is cementing itself as a go-to breakfast or brunch choice here in the UK, too.

But if the savoury/sweet blend is putting you off, consider this: gammon and pineapple is pretty much the same thing, yet a little more mainstream. And if you like the latter, the chances are you’ll LOVE bacon and maple syrup.


Chilli and Chocolate

Now, this combo’s been around for a while, particularly at chocolate festivals up and down the country – and it’s for this reason alone: it’s delicious!

Seriously, don’t turn your nose up at chilli and chocolate – it’s a wicked combination that’ll start a party in your mouth, thanks to the sweetness of the chocolate, fused with the sharpness of the chilli.

The great thing about this Chilli Chocolate Mug Cake is it can be whipped up in the microwave – and in mere minutes! Go on; give it a go this week.


Tuna and Orange

If you’re a fan of tuna steaks, the chances are orange is the last ingredient on your mind to pair them with. But believe us when we say this is a winning food combination for your spring or summer evening meal.

We’ve found this recipe via Food.com and we reckon you’ll be more than a bit surprised with the outcome if you decide to give this a try.oranges-428073_960_720

Cinnamon and Thyme

Ah, cinnamon! It might be a favourite of yours in syrup form for your morning coffee. Or perhaps you use it in baking or desserts?

But have you ever thought about pairing it with chicken? No, we thought not. But you can – and it’s a real hit with hundreds of foodies!



Ice Cream and Olive Oil

Here’s an interesting dessert for you…ice cream and olive oil!

GoodtoKnow.co.uk features a host of weird flavour combinations over on the site, but this one piqued our interest as it’s probably one of the most bizarre blends on there! Would you try it?


Does your granddad pair fruit cake with cheese? Or maybe you dip your toast in your cup of tea? Let us in on your favourite ‘bonkers but beautiful’ flavour combinations by commenting on this article below, or joining the conversation via social media.

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