5 Recipes with Garlic

Garlic is a popular ingredient used for flavouring in cooking for good reason. Not only is this pungent, flavourful bulb tasty, but it’s got a whole lot of fab health benefits that’ll make you want to stock up on it. Who can say no to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, plus vitamins C and B6 and antioxidants?

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the garlic lover lifestyle with these five garlicky recipes we’ve picked out for you.

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Garlic Butter Chicken

This garlic butter chicken recipe is sure to become your new favourite, as it uses ingredients you more than likely already have in your kitchen cupboards.

The garlic butter in this recipe requires only four simple ingredients: unsalted butter, stock (chicken stock works best), parsley and – of course – garlic. Don’t be fooled by this short list, though, as the result is a delightful, mouth-watering sauce.

You’ll pan fry some chicken breasts in this heavenly garlic butter, and just like that you’ve got a rich, tasty meal that you can serve up with steamed veg.

Caramelised Garlic Houmous

You’ll never go back to store bought hummus once you’ve given this caramelised garlic houmous recipe a try and a taste. This caramelised garlic hummus brings all of the Mediterranean flavour to the plate with minimal effort.

All you’ll need is a large garlic bulb, chickpeas (canned or dried), a lemon, tahini, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and white pepper to taste. You’ll then blitz all these ingredients together in a food processor.

The result? A garlicky houmous perfect for dipping raw veg or pitta bread.

Garlic & Basil Ciabatta

Garlic bread has never been easier to make. This garlic & basil ciabatta is a quick recipe, with an ingredient list that’s just as approachable.

You’ll need to beat together mayonnaise, softened butter and crushed garlic cloves, then add in some basil and salt and pepper. Spread this garlic butter mixture over the halved ciabatta, sprinkle with grated Parmesan and bake. Et voila, a delicious garlicky starter or side dish for any meal!

Linguine with Garlic Butter Prawns

King prawns, lemon, parsley, butter, garlic and linguine are all you’ll need to make this simple but flavourful pasta dish. The garlic is softened in the butter before the king prawns are added in and cooked until pink. The key to getting the prawn perfectly tender is not to overcook them.

After that, all that’s left is stirring lemon zest and seasoning in the garlic butter prawns, then tossing it all with the cooked linguine. Bon appétit!

Chocolate & Black Garlic Guinness Cake

Didn’t think you could add garlic to a cake, did you? Think again!

This chocolate & black garlic Guinness cake makes use of the natural sweetness of caramelised black garlic, which pairs wonderfully with rich dark chocolate and mascarpone. Meanwhile, the Guinness’ chocolate and coffee notes bring this chocolate cake to the next level.

Give this recipe a try if you’re feeling a little adventurous! We’re sure you’ll fall in love with black garlic as a dessert ingredient.

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