5 Spots in the Kitchen You Might Be Forgetting to Clean

If your kitchen-cleaning routine consists only of sweeping or mopping the floor and wiping down the worktops, it may be time to consider other spots in your kitchen that you may be using often, but don’t think to clean. Can you think of a few things that fit this description?

Read on to find out which five grimy spots exist in your kitchen, right in plain (or not-so-plain) sight.

Under Stove Burners

Sure, we think of the oven top being the grimiest place on the stove, since that’s where all the food spills and explosions happen. But when was the last time you lifted the burners of your stove to see what lurked under there? Wait, who knew you could lift up your stove burners?!

Because there are so many types of stoves out there, there’s no one way to open up the top of your stove, so consult your manual. Be sure to unplug your stove first. Once you get your stove’s top propped open, you may see dust and debris that has accumulated over time. It may be useful to soften the crud with soapy water first if it’s hardened, then use some cleaning sprays if this isn’t enough.

Oven Backsplash and Vent

While we’re on the topic of hidden-away grimy spots on the stove, let’s talk about the stove backsplash (or splashbacks) and air vents. The backsplash can get a build-up of food residue over time, and especially if you do a lot of cooking and frying, this part of your kitchen can get really greasy, real fast.

The backsplash isn’t the only thing that’ll feel greasy. If it’s doing its job correctly, then the vent under your stove’s hood will likely be plugged with grease and other unpleasant particles.

For both your backsplash and your stove vent, some strong dish soap, hot water and a sponge will usually do the trick to get your stove looking squeaky clean once again.

Inside Your Fridge

We get it. Your fridge is always filled with food at any given time, so when will you ever get a chance to properly clean the inside? But it’s because your fridge is always filled with food that a proper cleaning is necessary. Food, drink and condiment spillage may leave a nasty odour and sticky residue inside your fridge, while improperly-stored meats can be a health hazard.

Start by emptying out your fridge. Take this as an opportunity to check expiration dates and see what you can throw away. Next, if your fridge’s shelves can be removed, do so. If not, simply spray and wipe with a solution of vinegar and water. It’s best to avoid chemical sprays, as the residue can linger long after you clean and can potentially contaminate your food.

The Tops of…Everything!

We don’t mean just worktops. Chances are, that adage of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ rings true in your kitchen. The tops of your fridge, microwave, appliances, ceiling fans, doors and even ceiling lights are fair game for dust to gather without your noticing. A long duster is an excellent solution for getting to those hard-to-reach spots. And don’t forget to look for cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling!

Inside Rubbish Bins

Your rubbish bin may be deceptively odourless if you’ve been lucky not to have spillages, but as your rubbish bin is holding, well, rubbish, then a normal cleaning will do wonders for your and your family’s health. Soap and water are really all you need to clean and deodorise your rubbish bin.

Will you be giving your kitchen a deep clean this weekend? Let us know by commenting on this blog post.

Until next time…