5 Ways With Ice Cream

For us, receiving our first card through the letterbox or hearing a festive band strike up in the town centre marks the beginning of Christmas. But what is it that makes you instantly think of summer? Is it as obvious as the sun rearing its cheery head from behind a cloud? Or is it when the Glasto coverage pops up on your planner on the TV?

Here in the My Appliances office, nothing says ‘summer’s here!’ quite like the distinctive sound of the ice cream van rumbling down the street. I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream?

So with that in mind, we’re bringing you five fun ways with ice cream. Hey, there could just be some ideas here that you haven’t thought of.

A Deconstructed Ice Cream Cone



Check out this sophisticated take on the ice cream cone, featuring wafers in the shape of flowers and a single scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream. Simple yet oh-so-elegant, this could well be a dinner party favourite – plus, it’s so easy to prepare too.

The Ice Cream Pancake


Ice cream for breakfast, you say? Why ever not? And when you consider that a scoop of low fat vanilla contains just 50 calories, it really isn’t too naughty a treat. Add it to crepes, pancakes or even waffles for a weekend breakfast treat or a tasty after-dinner pudding. Want to make it even healthier? Replace your ice cream with fruity yoghurt instead and don’t forget to add plenty of fruit for a little balance.

Milkshake or Fruit Smoothie


A strawberry smoothie might be your go-to midweek breakfast, or even a post-gym treat. But why not make it a little more indulgent (just perhaps not straight after a workout) by adding a scoop of ice cream? Now simply blitz in your blender and enjoy!


A Sweet Side Order


How quirky is this idea? Miniature ice cream cones are clipped onto the side of hot drinks in this cafe – and we love it! It certainly beats a miniature shortbread biscuit, doesn’t it?

We’re not sure where exactly you’d buy these coffee mug clips but we reckon it’d work just as well propped up in a mini milk bottle or jam jar. In fact, we might just try it here in the office – any excuse for ice cream eh?

An Ice Cream Wedding Favour


Move over, sugared almonds! Say hello to this fun ice cream-related take on wedding favours, seen here in mini Kilner-style jars and left out on the reception tables. Of course, your guests would have to act fast if they’re to enjoy these ice cream-based delights before they melt but a great idea all the same.

What’s your favourite way to eat and enjoy ice cream? Perhaps you know of a way to include it in your diet (although make sure you don’t overdo it!) we just haven’t thought of yet? Let us know by commenting on this blog below. In the meantime, join us over on our Facebook page for some food-related chat.

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