6 Things You Can Make with an Avocado

Love avocado? Join the club! It’s tasty and extremely versatile – meaning: you don’t just have to have it on toast with poached eggs. Here are six things you can make with everyone’s favourite breakfast item…

Avocado ‘Green Goddess’ Smoothie Bowl

Ah, smoothie bowls. They’re oh so Instagram-able, aren’t they? They’re good for you too. Especially this ‘Green Goddess’ one (method linked below), which is packed with deliciousness and a whole load of nutrients.

You can find the full recipe here and if you don’t fancy every single ingredient, why not substitute one or two things for additions you prefer? We must say, though, for us the recipe has the perfect balance of ingredients, including avocado, bananas, mango, spinach, almond butter, honey – and more. Tuck in and enjoy!

Baked Eggs in Avocado

Have you seen a more attractive-looking breakfast recipe? We think not.

Find a similar recipe for baked eggs in avocado, over on the Damn Delicious site.

Chocolate Avocado Overnight Oats

Chocolate and avocado? Yes, it really does make for quite the combination, especially for breakfast. Overnight oats are having a moment right now – and here’s how you can make these avocado and choccy ones.

Always in a rush in the morning? This is the perfect breakie; make it the night before and just ‘grab the jar of oats and go’ the following day.

Guacamole Salad

If you like guacamole, you’ll love this guacamole salad.

Here, says the Simply Delicious site, is ‘Everything you love about guacamole but in a fresh, zesty salad. ‘

Featuring ‘creamy avocado, tomatoes, red onion, chilli and cilantro make this Guacamole salad recipe irresistible and the perfect healthy side dish’ – find the recipe here.

Avocado Sushi

Sushi rolls? Yes. Sushi rolls with avocado? Yes please.

While the picture below shows a slightly more ‘pimped up’ version of this recipe, we say basic is best – and still really tasty.

Easy to make and kid-friendly too, these delicious sushi rolls will fast become your go-to snack or evening meal.

Avocado Tuna Salad Sandwich

‘Healthy tuna salad lovers, meet your new favorite sandwich!’, suggests Fit Foodie Finds, adding: ‘This avocado tuna salad sandwich is packed with protein and fresh greens, and served on a whole wheat everything bagel. Pair with your favorite veggies or tortilla chips, and lunch is served!’

Of course, you can serve your sandwich on anything – from a bagel to a tortilla wrap, even slices of your usual bread. Try this recipe out for yourself and you won’t want to go back to your usual sandwich filling.

Will you be trying any of these recipes? Comment below and let us know – and if you have a failsafe avocado recipe of your own, tell us all about it.

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