Are you ready for Bonfire Night?

We don’t know how it’s happened, but it appears to be November. Halloween has been and gone and we’ve already heard a few fireworks; just where has the year escaped to?

So, are you ready for Bonfire Night (November 5)? Steeped in history, Bonfire Night – or rather, Guy Fawkes Night – has been observed since 1605 O.S when Guy Fawkes (a member of the Gunpowder Plot) was arrested while guarding explosives plotters placed beneath the House of Lords.

Whether you’re planning to head out to a bonfire and fireworks display or stay cosy inside, we’ve compiled a list of links to some delicious recipes you can try to mark the occasion. Let’s take a look at our top picks…

Pumpkin Soup

Recently carved a pumpkin for Halloween? If you saved the flesh and haven’t already got creative with it, you could make pumpkin soup – providing it’s still fresh enough. As ever, the BBC Good Food site has come up trumps with a tempting-sounding recipe which makes great use of the seasonal fruit.

A light supper after you return home from the fireworks, the soup can be served with anything from homemade croutons to crusty bread – or even a shop-bought garlic naan if you’d like to introduce a little twist to your evening meal.

Jacket Potatoes

Perfectly seasonal, jacket potatoes in foil simply scream ‘autumn/winter’.

Who remembers the days of community barbecues, when everyone would turn up bearing something homemade? You’d dish out your wares to your neighbours and have a fab time catching up around the fire.

Recreate that nostalgic joy with homemade jacket potatoes this bonfire night. Get creative with your toppings but think ‘comfort’ over calorie count. Now’s not the time to be watching what you eat; the cold weather’s here, so indulgence is key!

Chocolate or Toffee-Covered Apples

Chocolate-dipped apples, you say? Yum. So easy to make, yet so satisfying – and, they’re kind of one of your five-a-day too. Prepare them before you head out to watch the fireworks and tuck into them while you’re marvelling at the displays. AllRecipes has the method for chocolate-covered apples here, but you could also go for the more traditional syrup-drenched toffee apple too.

Camembert Fondue

We’ve already mentioned now’s the time for hearty food – and we meant it. Camembert fondue is ideal for autumn and winter and it’s a really easy teatime treat. Tesco Food has a recipe here; why not give it a try this Bonfire Night and beyond?

Chilli Con Carne

Have a slow cooker? This is a rich, Mexican-style meal everyone will enjoy. It’s easy to prepare, too – get the full recipe on the Good Housekeeping website.

What will you be making ahead of November 5? Let us know by commenting on this blog post below.

Until next time…