Cheap and Nifty Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you can’t see your kitchen counter anymore and packing away your pots and pans has become a game of Tetris, then this blog post is for you. Amp up your kitchen’s storage spaces without having to severely dent your wallet or enlist the help of a handyman. All you’ll need are a few tools and your trusty hands. Read on…

Think Vertically

If your counter is cluttered with appliances, dishes and everything in between, you’ll want to make use of your kitchen’s vertical space. You see an empty wall, we see lots of storage space!

Wall-mounted shelving can open up your kitchen. You can also turn to tall garage shelving units to truly open up your kitchen space. To clear up the clutter in your cabinets, why not install file dividers vertically to help stack pots and pans? You can also make use of forgotten spaces, such as the sides of your counters or your kitchen island, by hanging wire baskets. By keeping things in plain sight, it’ll be hard to lose track of them ever again.

Want the ultimate kitchen hack for using vertical space? Behold…the pegboard! The late American chef Julia Child was a fan of pegboards herself, so take it from the legend herself when we say this is the ULTIMATE storage solution.

You can hang up all your utensils within easy reach, and it ends up looking quite nice in the end. The Kitchn has an excellent DIY tutorial on hanging your own kitchen pegboard. You can also create more space by hanging wicker baskets to store anything from fruits to utensils – all with a very charming rustic look!

Retractable Shelves

Say goodbye to digging through your cabinet for something wedged in the back. Pull-out shelves keep everything neatly arranged, and when you pull them out, everything you need is right there for you. They also look really cool, let’s admit that.

Installing your own retractable shelves requires a little bit of specialised skill, but if you’re particularly handy, you can easily make your own in under an hour, thanks to this neat DIY tutorial. Say hello to a more streamlined kitchen!

Dig out that tool kit today…

Hang Ten

See that blank space above your counters and below your cabinets? What about the insides of your cabinet doors? You can maximize your storage space with nothing more than a few nails and a hammer in those overlooked spaces. Wall hooks are cheap to come by, and you can use them to hang up anything from pots and pans to utensils and spice racks.

You can take organisation to the next level by hanging up baking supplies on the door of the cabinet where you store baking ingredients, hang pots and pans next to the oven, and so on. This will make it so much easier to find the things you need without having to rifle through a cluttered drawer.

Hideaway for Days

As the above points note, you must make every space in your kitchen count, even the little places you wouldn’t think is worth looking into. Think again!

A Brooklyn apartment dweller shared her ingenious way to use up every inch of her small kitchen: a hideaway pantry. In her tutorial, she explains how she built and installed a discreet pantry in the slim space beside her fridge. It turns out you can stow a lot of stuff in that small area, as her pictures show.

Rather than use up cabinet space for slim items like spices and cereal boxes, why not DIY your own hideaway shelving? Utilise the spaces between your fridge, stove, and counters to free up cabinet space for other larger items. Brilliant!

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