Common Kitchen Questions – And Some Answers!

Whether you’re a whizz with a whisk, or every food item you come close to ends up burnt to a crisp, you’ll be glad of some of the answers to these common questions. Well, even master chefs can do with a little help every now and again. Read on…

How do I sharpen my kitchen knives?

He might be a bit shouty, but Gordon Ramsay never lets us down when it comes to common kitchen questions, cooking tips and tricks. Head to this YouTube video for a full tutorial. ‘Using nice, long strokes to ensure you get the whole of the blade’, knife sharpening is easy once you know how.

Is my wine still in date?

Got guests coming round and not sure your wine is safe to serve? As a general rule of thumb, if it smells like vinegar then it’s probably gone off.

What’s the best way to chop garlic?

Now, this one’s easy…just smash it against a chopping board using the flat side of a large chef’s knife and the heel of your hand. You’ll then be able to peel the skin off with no trouble at all.


I’m not sure which herbs and spices to use for which dish – any ideas?

The FoodNetwork’s Guide to Fresh Herbs is the only article you need when it comes to preparing an evening meal.

Basil has a clove-like flavour and it can be added with ease to Mediterranean foods like pesto and tomato sauce. Parsley, on the other hand, has a light, peppery flavour and is ideal in sauces and salads. Coriander? This herb has a refreshing flavour – and it’s more often used in Asian cooking. Head over to the FoodNetwork article for some more inspiration.


How does an induction hob work?

Ever wondered how an induction hob works? Many people have a standard hob, which will be hot to the touch, while others are fortunate to have an almost child-friendly induction one, which doesn’t hold as much heat and only warms up once a special pan comes into contact with it.

What’s happening, then? After you turn on the burner, an electric current runs through the coil, generating a fluctuating magnetic field, but no heat on the burner itself. Once you place an induction pan on the burner, the magnetic field induces lots of smaller electric currents in the pan’s metal – et voila!


I have a small kitchen; how can I maximise it when cooking?

The has all the answers for you, but don’t forget to take a good look around our blog for some more. We have a host of tips for you; you’ll find plenty in this handy guide, for starters. Want to make some more space in your kitchen? Read this, too!

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