Decanting Wine, The Easy Way

What exactly is a wine decanter? More importantly, why do you need one? Can’t you just serve your red or white right from the bottle? Course you could, but below are just a few good reasons why you may want to pop your favourite tipple in a decanter, before storing it in your wine cooler.

A Wine Decanter Removes Sediment 

More often than not, sediment can build up in wine – but who wants to gulp it down along with that trusty grape-based beverage? Not us, we can tell you. So here’s a handy hint: tilt a decanter onto its side and slowly pour the wine in. Now, you can pretty much be certain your wine will be served sans sediment – woop! Use  the light on your phone to see the sediment inside the bottle, getting out as much wine as possible, minus those pesky, globby little bits.

It Opens Up the Wine’s Aroma

Wines which are full-bodied can prove a bit too much when poured straight from the bottle. So, one to two hours before your guests arrive, decant your wine to open up its aroma and ensure a great taste. Make sure you taste the wine every 30 minutes or so to check you’re not over-exposing the wine to oxygen, thus rendering it less than perfect-tasting.

Full-bodied wines, as well as older vintage wines, will benefit from being decanted – just be careful you don’t leave them for too long. Taste every 15 minutes until they’re just right. A very old white wine will also need some last-minute decanting before being served, so give yourself plenty of time to ensure your bottle’s at its best.

If you have a wine with a higher complexity, or with more tannin, a decanter with a large, wide base should ensure a better-tasting tipple, while medium-bodied wines will be fine in a mid-sized decanter, as will lighter reds like Pinot Noir. Meanwhile, a small decanter should be all you need for white wines.

It Looks Good

Yes, you’ll look quite the wine pro with a wine decanter – and is there any better reason to go forth and decant thn that?!

Don’t Forget to Say No to Lukewarm Wine, Too….

Did you know, for example, that if you’re serving a white wine, simply cooling your glassware can make all the difference in helping keep the temperature down? Don’t forget to keep your white wine cool; it’s vital! After all, who wants to serve lukewarm wine to their dinner guests? No one, that’s who. The good news is our wine coolers offer excellent value for money and come with a £60 voucher to spend on a tipple or two of your choice. 

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