Easy Ten-Minute Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Would you like 2018 to be the year you spend much less time cleaning? Hooray for that idea, we say! Well, we can save you plenty of precious minutes scrubbing, polishing, rinsing and scouring, thanks to these simple ten-minute kitchen cleaning hacks.

Each one should take you around ten minutes; some even take less than that! So, grab a cuppa and read on…

For a Sparkling Sink…

Baking soda is your friend for removing stubborn stains from your sink – and this tip can be used in a kitchen or bathroom.

Simply mix the baking soda with water (until it’s the consistency of toothpaste) and get scrubbing. Make sure you only try this on sinks made of non-porous, acrylic-based, solid surfacing; we’re guessing you don’t want to scratch your sink.

With a substance like baking soda, you won’t have to scrub much at all – and your sink will be sparkly clean in mere minutes.


For a Spotless Microwave…

Vinegar is the key ingredient you’ll need to give your microwave a deep clean – and yes, it’ll only take 10 minutes, as well.

You’ll also require a microwave-safe bowl, a sponge, some water, a toothpick, and a sponge, so gather up your materials and let’s get going!

  • Begin by pouring equal parts vinegar and water into the bowl; don’t fill it right to the top – aim to fill about a third of the bowl
  • Now, insert your toothpick into the solution; this will help keep you safe by minimising the chance of explosions – bubbles will form on the toothpick, which means it’ll boil without giving you a shock by exploding
  • For five to eight minutes, heat the bowl in the microwave. How long you leave it depends on how soup-splattered and grubby your appliance is
  • Let the bowl sit for a little while, and grabbing your sponge, dip it into the solution before scrubbing down your microwave – and you’re finished!

For Super Shiny Cutlery…

Got a bottle of tomato ketchup? Put it to really good use by squirting a good dollop or four onto a plate and rolling tarnished silverware – like your special occasion cutlery – in it, before leaving it for a good 10 minutes. Now, simply wash it in hot water and pat dry. Stains? What stains?!

Why does it work? The acid in the tomatoes is the secret ingredient for this DIY cleaning method.


For Smear-Free Wine Glasses…

Give your dishwasher a swerve if your wine glasses are looking a little cloudy and instead try a little elbow grease. You’ll also want to grab that vinegar again. Now, wash your glasses in warm, soapy water (a few drops of white vinegar added to the rinsing water), and rinse 10 minutes later. Who needs a dishwasher, eh?!


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Until next time…

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