Easy Valentine’s Treats to Try Tonight

Not yet got any cards or presents? Console yourself this Valentine’s Day by baking up a storm in the kitchen instead. You could make a treat or two for your loved one or…you know…you could just indulge on your own. We don’t judge here at My Appliances.

Without further ado then, here’s a couple of our favourite Valentine’s treats from around the net – with one of the team’s own failsafe desserts thrown in for good measure.

Shortbread Hearts

You’ll probably find that you already have all the ingredients you need to make these shortbread hearts. Of course, you can decorate them however you like, but we say there’s nothing better than having some fun with a tube or two of icing. It takes some getting used to, but once you have the hang of it you’ll be decorating biscuits and cakes like a pro. Don’t have a cookie cutter? Use a knife to create the shape you want; it might take longer but it’ll be worth it.


Chocolate Truffles

Truffles are a lot easier to make than they look – and we love this recipe via BBC Good Food. Add the finished product to a small gift box and voila – you have yourself a lovely foodie gift. Of course, you can try any of these ideas anytime, not just tonight – any excuse to indulge, eh?

And here’s one we love here at My Appliances…

It’s an oldie but a goodie! If you like chocolate and you like strawberries you’re in for a real treat. Got a fondue set? Heat the chocolate and add everything rom strawberries to small pieces of banana to a small side plate to create an indulgent dessert for two.


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Until next time…

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