Five Homemade Christmas Gifts – for Every Skill Set

Want to add a little oomph to your Christmas gift-giving this year? We suggest a homemade treat or two. After all, you can buy something they’ll love online, or you can put the time in to actually make something they’ll love – and what could be better than that?! It’s like a double whammy of kindness.

So, to help you out, we’ve found five gift ideas we’re sure you’ll love to create just as much as they’ll love to receive. Read on…

Homemade Chocolate Truffles

This BBC Good Food recipe has got to be one of the best we’ve come across online. Have fun with the toppings – from coconut and other chopped fruit, to multi-coloured sprinkles. You can even experiment by adding a drop or two of alcohol to your truffle mix, too.

Then, simply beautifully wrap your homemade treats in a box and tie with a ribbon – they’ll look shop-bought but they’ll taste homemade. Yum!

Homemade Christmas Bunting

Make someone a handmade festive decoration they can hang in their home for years to come. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can whip up a string of Christmassy bunting in no time – we think you’ll love this tutorial we found on YouTube.

It’s the perfect make for a beginner sewer and you’re bound to have some fun with it. And if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can always hand-sew the bunting – just be prepared for it to take longer.

Christmas Cookies

Grab a Kilner jar and a festive length of ribbon and you have the beginnings of a gorgeous Christmas gift. The website ‘All Recipes’ has some great ideas over here; we love the Christmas tree-shaped biscuits and the mini gingerbread men – and your kids will enjoy getting involved with the cooking, too.

Sweet-filled Kilner Jar

We told you there would be tutorials here for every skill set – and what could be easier than this?! Gather a selection of their favourite sweets and add them to a Kilner jar, complete with a festive flourish or two via a ribbon or two. You could even tie a small bauble to the top of the jar for a gorgeous finishing touch.

Another great idea is to purchase some cellophane, cone-shaped bags like these before filling them with instant hot chocolate powder. Then, top up the bag with mini marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles. Take a look at this image for some inspiration. Peppermint creams are another easy make – especially for kids. Why not give them a go?

Homemade Mulled Wine

Okay, so this one’s for adults only – but trust us when we say your Secret Santa recipient will love the thoughtfulness that goes into this gift. Click here to view a simple recipe for deliciously festive mulled wine. Hey, who said you have to give the whole bottle to someone else? Why not treat yourself this Christmas, too?

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