Five Recipes with Chilli

What better way to warm yourself up this cold winter than with a kick of chilli added to your meals.

Chilli can get a bad rep. It’s not about blowing your head off, and then rushing to the fridge for a drink of soothing milk. It’s about adding another layer to your meals; it’s about using the heat of a chilli to enhance the flavours already present.

And let’s not forget the additional health benefits chillis offer. They provide a boost of vitamin C, boost weight loss, and are thought to even help prevent some cancers.

Why not pay homage to the warm chilli this cold winter, and try these five recipes?

Sweet Potato Chilli Nachos

Even if you’ve never made anything whatsoever in your kitchen before, you’ll be able to throw these simple ingredients together and create this tasty starter.

Your mouth will come alive with the sweetness from the sweet potato, the saltiness from the tortilla chips topped with melted cheddar, the kick from the chilli flakes, and the cool creaminess from the sour cream.

Make this once, and you’ll be making it again.

Chilli Con Carne

If this list didn’t include the classic con carne, it would be like a rainbow missing the colour red.

So here it is. It’s jam packed full of flavour, and, as with all these recipes, you can control the amount of chilli you use, so it’s not overpowering.

Remember, if you’re a vegetarian, you can swap the turkey mince for a meatless alternative, like Quorn.

New Potatoes with Chilli Lime Butter

Light, fresh, zingy, and spicy, this simple dish contains a meagre six ingredients.

What’s more, the butter can be kept for a week or can be frozen for months. How great is that!

You can melt a knob of it over vegetables, spread it over a slice of toasted sourdough, or let it ooze over a fillet of fish.


Chilli Mushroom

These chilli mushrooms are perfect to have with rice or noodles. Or you could have them as a starter, if you’re having guests over.

Although you need a few sauces at hand to make it (soya sauce, red chilli sauce, and tomato sauce), don’t let that put you off giving it a go. It’s simple, honestly.

Make this, and wait for your guests to ask you which Chinese takeaway you got them from.

Chilli Gobi

Gobi means cauliflower. And chilli gobi means very happy tastebuds.

You simply won’t be able to stop eating these. They’re crispy, sour, salty, and spicy – everything you want in a starter or side dish.

But in order to enjoy these, you have to be a bit on the adventurous side. They also take time, but your patience will be rewarded, we can assure you.

We hope you give these recipes a go, and make chilli a friendly addition to your meals.

Until next time…