Give Your Mum a Break this Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, March 22 – which means there are just over three weeks to consider what to buy your Mum, Mother-in-Law, Stepmum or other special someone. But hey, it isn’t all about material gifts. Instead, you could surprise her with a lovely gesture.

Allow mum to put her feet up this Mother’s Day and throw something gorgeous together in the kitchen. Whether you’d like to treat her to breakfast in bed or a full-blown afternoon tea, we have plenty of inspiration in this week’s blog post. Read on for some ideas…

Mother’s Day Brunch

On Mother’s Day, breakfast – or brunch – can afford to be a little more special than it is on a normal day. So, forget about toast and cereal and consider smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, American-style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, or a homemade granola bowl. She’ll love the effort you’ve gone to – and you could even prepare something lovely the night before, like delicious overnight oats.

Serve your chosen brunch dish on a tray, complete with a flower in a gorgeous vase. Oh, and the morning paper…and there you have it! Mum has been dreaming about brunch (or breakfast) in bed for a while.

Pack a Picnic

Now, this is one that relies on the weather – but if we have a nice sunny day in March (and you have a fleece blanket or two), why not pack a picnic to enjoy with mum and the rest of the family this Mother’s Day? Take her to her favourite place – whether that’s a local sculpture trail or park – and tuck into the delights you’ve packed. Earn extra points if everything’s homemade!

Cook Her Favourite Evening Meal

Sometimes, it really is the simple things that provoke the biggest reaction. So, why not cook her all-time favourite evening meal and surprise her with a silver-service style dining experience in her own kitchen? Even if it’s an everyday dish like lasagne or cottage pie, you can make sure you’ve whipped it up to perfection – and don’t forget her favourite dessert, too.

Make an Afternoon Tea

Now, this is something the whole family can get involved with – so get your kids, your partner, or your nieces or nephews to help prepare for that special someone’s arrival on Mother’s Day by helping butter the bread or add the fillings to dainty, crust-less finger sandwiches.

Then, buy some of mum’s favourite cakes – or make your own – and serve the whole lot with lashings of tea. Don’t forget some pretty crockery and your best table linen. Whether you’re spoiling your mum, your grandma or someone else entirely, this is a great way to show them you care. You may have some sandwiches and cakes left over to take to work for lunch the next day, too – result!

What will you be doing this Mother’s Day? Do you have any ideas up your sleeve? Or perhaps you’ll be heading out for a meal? Whatever you do – and whoever you spend the day with – we hope you can enjoy a spot of relaxation, too.

Until next time…