How to Buy the Best Microwave

Alongside refrigerators and ovens, microwaves are among the most important appliances you’ll find in your kitchen. Whether you’re heating up last night’s leftovers, defrosting chicken for a stir fry or whipping up a simple mug cake, your microwave can help you do it all. That’s why it’s important to pick out the best one to suit your needs.

Not sure how what to look for? Read on for our guide on picking out the best microwave.

Model Type

There are a few microwave types available for you to choose from. First is the solo microwave. Affordable and convenient, this style of microwave is one of the most common ones you’ll find around, and the best option if you only want to defrost, heat or cook food.

Next are grill microwaves. Like solo microwaves, they can be used to defrost, heat and cook food, but they have an additional grill feature. While grill microwaves are usually more expensive than solo microwaves, their extra grill element might be worth the steeper upfront cost.

Finally, there are combi microwaves. These are essentially mini ovens, as they can bake, roast and grill just like a full-sized oven. Combi microwaves can do the job much quicker than your regular oven, however.

Free-Standing or Built-In

Whether you opt for a solo, grill or combi microwave, you have the option of choosing a free-standing setup or a built-in design. Free-standing microwave models sit right out on your worktop, so these are great if you have plenty of room to spare in your kitchen.

If you’re more pressed for space, or if you simply want a more streamlined look in your kitchen, you can go for a built-in microwave. These models meld seamlessly in with the rest of your kitchen cabinets for a sleek, integrated look.


Now that you’ve figured out what model of microwave to get, it’s time to focus on smaller details. Check to see if the microwave’s interior light is bright enough for you to check on food. If you have mobility issues, ensure you’re able to open the door with minimal difficulty. Also, if you’re opting for a free-standing microwave, check that you have enough space on your worktop for you to open the microwave door fully.

Want more out of your microwave than just heating functions? You can also look for microwaves that come with additional features. Some microwaves come with buttons that allow you to cook or heat your food using certain settings. For example, auto defrost or auto cook settings take into account the type and weight of your food to defrost or cook it properly. Then there are sometimes pizza and popcorn buttons. These are quite self-explanatory – and quite useful!

We hope this guide helped you decide on your next microwave! If you’re looking to take the next step, you can browse available microwaves here on the MyAppliances website. We stock a wide range of integrated microwaves, including solo microwaves, grill microwaves and combi microwaves in a variety of colours and styles. Stop by and have a look around!

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