How to Choose a Wine Cooler

The first thing to consider when looking at purchasing storage for your wine is whether you need a wine cooler or wine cabinet?

The main difference between the two is whether you’re looking to store your wine long-term, or whether you want somewhere to keep your favourite bottles in optimum condition, so that they’re a perfect pour every time.

Wine cabinets

If you’re looking to build a wine collection and you’d like to store more than 20 bottles at a time, a wine cabinet is the way to go. The wine cabinet will keep all your wine anywhere between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius – and with UV-protected glass, you can rest assured that your wine won’t be spoilt by sunlight. A wine cabinet is for those bottles that you want to keep and mature, getting them out in perfect condition for special occasions.

Wine Coolers

Once you’ve decided whether it’s a wine cabinet or wine cooler you’re looking for, the next thing to think about is whether you want to be able to store a mix of red and white wine. If you’re looking to store red and white wine, then you’ll need a dual temperature wine cooler, allowing you to keep all your bottles in the same fridge but in different temperature zones. This means each bottle is specifically catered for.

Dual temperature wine coolers are more expensive, but typically, bottle capacity is larger.


The next thing to consider when thinking about which wine cooler to buy is where you’re going to keep it and how much space you have. There are slim wine coolers (15cm wide) which store seven bottles vertically and are a perfect solution for those who want an integrated look and feel, but are short on space.

There are wine coolers that are more rectangular in shape which can be integrated above a work space. Rather than being stacked vertically, this model stacks 24 bottles over three shelves, meaning its broader 60cm width can fit within your kitchen cabinet plan.


There is, of course, your budget to consider. Our models start at £124.99 and this gets you a freestanding, countertop wine cooler, which is a great option for those who want to move their wine cooler outside to a summer dining area, but still be able to being it inside over the winter months.

You and your wine

Choosing the right wine cooler for your home really needs to reflect and work with how you like to drink your wine.

If you’re looking to build a longstanding collection, a wine cabinet may be the best option. If you want something to keep the wine at the tight temperature (when the neighbours are round for a barbecue)< a freestanding wine cooler may be the perfect solution. Most wine coolers will come with UV protection, and again, depending on how quickly you want to pop those corks, you may want to look at vibration reduction when choosing the right model for you.

Until next time…