How to Feel Better About Your Kitchen

The start of a new year can kick you into action on all sorts of fronts. Some people choose to spend January applying for new jobs, while others simply book a much-needed and long-awaited holiday.

For many, though, home improvements are very much on the agenda. And it’s a great time to begin making a change in your house or flat.

Let’s face it, little else happens in January. And following a pre-Christmas spending splurge, parting with cash can seem like the last thing on your mind. But the good news is there are plenty of ways you can change your home and, in the process, alter how you feel about it.

Since we sell kitchen appliances here on the site, we’re focusing on the hub of your home – and how you can change the way you look at it.

We want you to truly enjoy spending time in your kitchen; it should be a place the whole family can relax and kick back, after all. So here are just a few simple changes – direct from the My Appliances team – you can make today. They’ll make the world of difference and they won’t take long at all. Read on…


Tackle that Drawer

You don’t have to chuck a lot of money at your kitchen to ensure it’s a space you feel happier in. It’s instead about small, simple steps that are easily achievable. So think about tacking just one area today. Perhaps look at that drawer that’s fit to bursting with paperwork, or the noticeboard or fridge door that’s overflowing with kids’ work and school letters. Spend 15 to 20 minutes organising one small area and you’ll feel much better about starting on another.

Start Your ‘Spring Clean’ Early

Technically it’s still winter, but don’t let that put you off starting your spring clean anyway. Put aside a few hours and start by emptying all your cupboards and larder. Now, get scrubbing! Leave the newly-cleaned areas to dry and use the time to sort out the contents that are now scattered all over your floor.


Get rid of out-of-date food items, donate utensils and gadgets you’re no longer using and make better use of the space on the top of your cupboards. Add storage boxes and generally spend January getting a little bit more organised. After you’ve done so, you’ll find cooking and entertaining in your kitchen is so much more enjoyable.

Operate a One-in, One-out Policy

This is a great little concept you can use throughout your home, actually. Every time you bring a new item through the doors, take a look around and find one to donate or bin. One house can only hold so much clutter, after all.

Think carefully about what you bring into your space – do you really need another mixing bowl, for instance? Once you’ve spent time de-cluttering, you’ll feel so much better.


Go Digital

Do you need rows and rows of cookbooks, or can you manage with just one failsafe tome?

Think about going digital this year and using your laptop or phone as a means of getting the recipes you want. Sites like BBC Good Food are great for mid-week meal ideas and will mean you can slowly trim your cook book stash and make some much-needed room on your worktops.


If you do have a little extra cash at the beginning of the new year, why not consider replacing those tired, old appliances?

Make the most of the deals in our January sale – and don’t forget to tell us about the bargains you’ve picked up by heading over to our Facebook page and leaving us a message or a comment.

Until next time…

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