How to Make the Best of the Festive Season

Wait…we’re already bleating on about Christmas yet we’re only in October? Groan.

But bear with us…the festive season will be here before we all know it – and while it probably won’t be quite the same as Christmases of yesteryear, we can all try our hardest to ensure it’s a memorable celebration nonetheless.

If you’re already in the festive planning stage, good on you…that’s the spirit! If not, perhaps some of our top tips and advice will get you into the mood. Read on…

Plan – But Prepare for Things to Change

If you’re someone who loves to plan, you won’t find ‘preparing for things to change’ too difficult. You may well be used to plans falling through at the last minute – and you may also be someone who always has another plan on the backburner, just in case.

We will all have to do just that this Christmas, as who knows what position we’ll be in by December. With different tiers of restrictions across the country, we could all face different limitations, but one thing is for sure, Christmas is unlikely to be the same as last year.

“Unless we palpably make progress, we should assume that the restrictions I have announced will stay in place for six months,” Boris Johnson said in his September 22 update. 

With that in mind, it’s probably wise to organise a smaller Christmas than normal, waiting until much nearer the time to put final plans in place. Whether or not we will be able to mix with other households won’t be clear for a while, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to catch up with them via video call or on the phone – the ‘good, old-fashioned way’. True, it won’t be the same, but we can all still find a way to stay connected.


Okay, so we don’t need to remind you to indulge a little more than usual at Christmas, but this year, we’ll be pulling out all the stops on the food and drink front at My Appliances. After all, there isn’t much else to look forward to than food shared with our immediate family.

Why not get your thinking cap on now and create an all-singing, all-dancing festive feast? Maybe this festive season gives you the chance to dust off that vintage bottle of wine to ensure it’s a special occasion regardless?

If financial hardship during the pandemic means you have had to tighten the purse strings, start shopping sooner and make the most of pre-Christmas deals at the supermarket. Or plan a simple but tasty meal everyone will enjoy. December 25 doesn’t have to mean turkey and all the trimmings; make the day your own and introduce some new traditions.

Plan a Walk

Here at My Appliances, we’re remaining hopeful that a crisp walk in the countryside with our nearest and dearest won’t be off the cards this year, so why not swap your usual family get-together for a festive stroll?

It may be one of the only ways you can catch up with those close to you and it’s a great way to blow off the cobwebs after a big dinner.


The new tier-based restrictions may mean you have more time on your hands, so why not bake? You could devise a special 2020 Christmas menu, made up of a host of homemade treats, like yuletide log.

Be Prepared to Catch Up Virtually

This year, be thankful for the fact we can make the most of the Internet (if needs be) to connect with others. If we are still under tighter restrictions by December, why not plan a family video quiz or virtual get-together? You could all post Christmas presents to each other in advance and open them ‘live’ on Zoom or Skype.

Do you have your own ideas for ensuring Christmas is still memorable during the pandemic? Let us know by commenting on this post, below.

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