Instagram Food & Drink Trends to Try

If lockdown means you have a little extra time to spend in the kitchen, why not get creative by jumping on the bandwagon and trying an Instagram food trend or two?

To help, our eagle-eyed team is bringing you some of the best ideas from the social media platform, as well as some links to the recipes to help you recreate some top meals, drinks or snacks yourself at home. Read on…

Whipped Coffee

The new Insta trend for ice cold coffee – served whipped, no less – came about long before the weather picked up. But now the sun is here, it’s the perfect recipe to try to help you cool down in the garden.

It’s easy to make and looks nice enough to post on your Instagram feed, too. All you need is some instant coffee, sugar, milk, and a freestanding mixer or whisk – electric or handheld.

Check out this YouTube tutorial and you can ‘whip up’ (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) one of these refreshing caffeine drinks in no time.

Whipped Nutella

If whipped coffee isn’t your thing, whipped Nutella is another Insta trend that’s currently doing the rounds. It’s a chocolatey take on the whipped coffee recipe we posted above – and here’s how you can make one for yourself, thanks to The Independent.

Containing just Nutella and whipping cream, this drink will keep anyone with a sweet-tooth happy during lockdown – give it a try and see if it’ll replace your usual afternoon coffee.

Sourdough Bread

So, it might not be deemed a ‘treat’ for everyone (in the same way a Nutella-laced drink is) but if you love bread, you’ll want to try making sourdough.

The BBC Good Food site has this easy sourdough bread recipe for any beginners out there.

‘Don’t be daunted by making a sourdough bread starter at home’, says the site, adding: ‘this easy, overnight version makes a lovely loaf’.

Frying Pan Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Did you know there’s such thing as a frying pan pizza, then? Yes, really.

‘Hardly anyone owns a pizza oven, or even an oven hot enough to cook pizza in,’ says The Guardian, ‘so what a joy it is that you can make a brilliant one in a pan’.

Check out the link for the perfect recipe for a frying pan pizza – and give this a try during lockdown. You’ll love it.

Banana Bread

We shared a recipe for banana bread quite recently on this blog, but we wanted to leave a link here again, just in case you missed it. This is one of the easiest cakes you’ll make and it’s ideal if you need to use up any overly ripe bananas, too.

You’ll convert even the fruit-phobic to this deliciously moist cake, so the kids should love it too. It’s an optional step to add banana chips to the top of the loaf, but it does take it from a seven out of 10 to a firm 10 in terms of Instagram-ability.

Will you be trying any of these recipes? Let us know by commenting below.

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