It’s Cheese Fondue Day Soon: Here Are Some Ideas

To some, April 11 is just another Sunday, but for the cheese lovers out there, it’s more than that: it’s also Cheese Fondue Day!

Cheese is great in all forms, but there’s something extra special about digging into a pot of all your favourite cheeses melted together with some spices. Cheese fondue also makes for a fun, communal addition to any party or small get-together. Plus, it’s easy to make!

Read on for some ideas on how to celebrate this gooey goodness this Cheese Fondue Day.

Cheese Fondue Recipes

Suffice to say, you can’t celebrate Cheese Fondue Day without cheese fondue. If you’ve never made cheese fondue before, never fear! Making this melty treat requires a bit more effort than simply throwing some cheese into a pot and calling it a day, but it still is a manageable feat.

Because cheese fondue originates from Switzerland, it comes as no surprise that many recipes call for Swiss cheese, as this recipe by Delicious Magazine does. But don’t limit yourself to Swiss cheese! Mix in some of your favourite cheeses. Cheddar? Gruyere? Get it all in there! So long as you’ve got cheese, cornflour, garlic and white wine or some other alcohol, you’re well on your way to enjoying a hearty cheese fondue.

No fondue pot? No problem. The British Cheese Society has this recipe that can be made in a medium pan (and because it’s the Cheese Society, you know this recipe’s going to be good!).

And now comes the fun part! Of course, cheese fondue wouldn’t be cheese fondue if you didn’t dip anything into it (although it can be tempting to eat the cheese by itself). Here are some dipper ideas…


One of the most popular foods to dip in cheese fondues is crusty bread, which easily absorbs the cheese. Baguettes, sourdougl and rye are great choices, though you can substitute those with just about any bread.


If you want to balance out the heaviness of the cheese, go for something healthy: vegetables. Try dipping fresh cherry tomatoes, raw bell peppers, roasted baby potatoes and steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Sauteed whole mushrooms, artichoke hearts and even pickles can be used, too.


Try fresh fruit for a sweet-savoury flavour combo you won’t get enough of. The slightly tart sweetness of apples will taste wonderful with the cheese. Pears, pineapples and even dried fruit like apricots and figs can make the fondue experience all the more interesting.

Meat and Seafood

Lastly, meat and seafood are an excellent, protein-rich dipping option. Make sure all meat is cooked thoroughly beforehand, though. Meats that can be dipped include poached chicken, grilled steak, filet mignon and cured meats like salami and sausage. Want a more luxurious taste? Steam or sauté some crab, prawns or lobster for a fancier fondue experience.

Now what are you waiting for? Go on out there and celebrate Cheese Fondue Day in the only way there is to celebrate it: with a hearty pot of cheese fondue big enough to share.

Until next time…