Kid-Friendly Fun: Makes & Bakes for the Summer Holidays

School’s out for summer – and your kids have already uttered the words ‘Mum, I’m bored’ around 14,608 times! First things first, don’t worry – you’re doing a great job.

The second thing to think about is summer holiday activities don’t have to cost a fortune, or anything at all, if you put your mind to it. And here at My Appliances, we’re going to help you and your little ones make the most of the six-weeks off with our top tips for fun and rewarding kid-friendly, kitchen-based activities. Read on for some ideas…

Make Bread

Who remembers Home Economics classes at high school? The chances are, bread was one of the first things you learned how to make, if you weren’t fortunate to be taught how to whip it up at a younger age.

The fact is, it’s one of the simplest things to master – especially if you follow this easy white bread recipe via BBC Good Food.

Make the bread in the afternoon and it’ll be more than ready in time for your evening meal; why not also use leftover veg in some homemade soup – the perfect accompaniment to freshly-basked bread!


A practical recipe to get to grips with, bread can be made into a variety of fun shapes, and kneading and working with the dough will teach kids patience (that stuff can be sticky!) and a little bit of creativity.


Throw a Pizza Party

A fun variation on bread making is a pizza-prep party! Once your children have mastered bread, they’ll be more than equipped to tackle making their own bases for their pizzas.

Invite round some family and get everyone involved in whipping up an Italian feast. Lay out bowls of toppings – olives, ham, grated cheese, and anchovies, for those that like them – and allow children to pick out their own flavour combinations.


It’s always a good idea to encourage kids to have a part in cooking their own food – that way they’re unlikely to turn their noses up when you serve them their evening meal. If they’ve helped make it, how can they refuse?!

Be Creative with Their 5-a-Day

Do your children hate the idea of fruits and vegetables? All it takes is a recipe or two to give them reason enough to try something they’d ordinarily avoid.

This courgette muffins method is simple enough to follow and it may even give your kids a newfound confidence in veg they’ve yet to try.


Not sure how to incorporate that bag of spuds in your baking? Try this instead.

Host Your Very Own ‘Great British Bake Off’

If your kids are reluctant to get in the kitchen, why not make things fun for them by turning the afternoon into a mini episode of The Great British Bake Off?


Print out a recipe or two for your child and a friend, set a timer and tell them you’ll be back later to judge their efforts, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry-style!

Don’t Forget the Washing Up

Kids need to learn that cooking and baking also comes with a little extra hard work; it’s not all fun and games! Get them involved with the cleaning and washing up after, teaching them that a clean and hygienic kitchen is vital if they harbour dreams of becoming a chef in later life.


Why not put older kids to task as your ‘sous chef’ in the kitchen, ensuring they lend a hand with everything from washing and chopping veg, to stirring pans and making sauces?

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