Kitchen Appliances You Could Do Without

By now you’ve probably written your Christmas list – and you may have asked Santa for a fancy kitchen gadget or two. While some gadgets are well worth your money (and time!) – air fryer, anyone?! – others could well be a waste of your hard-earned wages. After all, many a kitchen appliance inevitably ends up at the back of the cupboard, unused and unloved. So, let’s avoid that this festive season and instead by appliances that won’t go untouched this December and beyond.

Read on to discover what we reckon you could do without when it comes to appliances…

A Waffle Maker

There are plenty of avid TikTokers who’ll have you believe that you simply NEED a waffle maker – and that isn’t the case. Well, not if you don’t make a lot of waffles anyway. After all, it will probably be one of those appliances that you use every day over the festive period, only to neglect it for the rest of the year. It’ll take up much-needed kitchen cupboard space and you won’t get half as much use out of it as you imagine you might.

A Smoothie Maker

Do you need a smoothie maker? Not exactly. If you have a good blender, you can use it to make smoothies; you don’t need an appliance that’s marketed as being for smoothies only. No. Save your money and buy a blender instead, which will probably cost you much less than a ‘smoothie maker’, while having exactly the same functionality.

An Ice Cream Maker

How often do you eat ice cream at home? If it isn’t regularly you probably don’t need an ice cream maker.

Ice cream is actually fairly easy to make, even if you don’t invest in a fancy ice cream machine. Just look at this recipe and give it a go – you may find you can make a shop-bought-worthy batch without having to shell out for an appliance you may not get your money’s worth on.

A Bread Maker

Why spend a fortune on a bread maker when you can make perfectly tasty bread in your oven? The Tesco site has an extremely easy recipe to try, which doesn’t involve you flashing the cash on an appliance that, like other appliances you’ve bought and not used, will take up far too much room on your kitchen top.

A Garlic Press

Okay, so garlic presses aren’t exactly expensive, but why buy one if you don’t need one? Instead, grate your garlic or just squish it under a heavy mug or bowl – it couldn’t be easier (or cheaper).

A Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens, designed to be used outdoors, seem like a great idea. But hey, if you’re reading this you probably live in the UK…so how much use do you think you’ll get out of it, given that our summers are often less than predictable weather-wise. We don’t mean to put a (literal) dampener on things, but even if you get bought one for Christmas, you won’t be able to break it out of its box until at least spring.

Do you agree with our list of kitchen gadgets you probably don’t need? Let us know by commenting below.

Until next time…