Laura’s Fudge at BBC Good Food Show

At the BBC Good Food Show, we stumbled across a stand that was right up our street, Laura’s Fudge!

There was an incredible array of different flavoured fudges that looked mouth-wateringly tasty, and we were not disappointed when we had a taste.


Laura’s Fudge was founded by Laura Jackson in 2012 whilst she was studying in her 1st year at university. It is a luxury confectionary business selling fudge and treats online and at various food festivals most weekends.

These fudges are really of high quality and I urge you if you are a fudge fan, to head to the website here and buy yourself a box. You will not regret it!

The business has grown tremendously and now all of their fudge is homemade in special, traditional confectionary mixers and then hand set by a dedicated team.


At the show, there were so many different flavours to choose from, here are a select few of the favourites we enjoyed….

Strawberry and Cream, Peanut Butter, Laura’s Dairy Cream, Salted Caramel, Smarties, Death by Chocolate, Stem Ginger and Clotted Cream….


Head over to Laura’s Fudge website now and check out the Twitter feed for their latest updates!

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