Mince Pies for all tastes!

Nothing screams Christmas like a good old mince pie!

It is the firm favourite pudding of many people around the Christmas period with children laying them out on the mantelpiece ready for Santa’s arrival and families putting them out for Christmas parties.

Originally mince pies were filled with meat and made in an oval shape, various other shapes were also used and the more elaborate, the more you were perceived as wealthy. Nowadays, the mince pie we know is filled with a mixture of chopped dried fruit, spirits and spices. Here at MyAppliances, we like to experiment with our flavours and have collaborated our favourite festives flavours to find the best mince pies you can try out this Christmas!

Traditional Mince Pies

Classic mince pies

Image source: BBC

Hazelnut Crunch Mince Pies

Hazlenut mince pies

Image source: BBC

Chunky Mince Pie Slices

Chunky mince pie slices

Image source: BBC

Orange Pastry Mince Pies

Orange pastry mince pies

Image source: BBC

Cranberry Mince Pies

Cranberry mince pies

Image source: BBC

Tutti Frutti Mince Pies

Tutti frutti mince pies

Image source: BBC

Magic Pastry Chocolate Chip Mince Pies

Chocolate chip mince pies

Image source: BBC

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