Missing the pub? Cocktails You Can Try at Home

We get it…you’re missing the pub. Who isn’t missing the social contact and a refreshing glass of something we love? Whether that’s a cocktail, a beer, a G&T or a soft drink with friends, it’s always great to have a change of scenery.

And while we can’t help you on the change of scenery front, we can help bring the pub to you! So, here are some of our favourite cocktails you can recreate from the comfort of your kitchen, ready to indulge in on the sofa, in the dining room, in the garden – wherever you fancy, so long as you’re home.

Rhubarb Gin

Remember a couple of weeks ago here on the blog when we talked about all the different ways you can use your homegrown rhubarb? Well, we’re putting it to good use yet again, with this recipe for rhubarb gin via the BBC Good Food website.

The site suggests you need 1kg of rhubarb stalks, 400g of caster sugar and 800ml of gin. Making two litres of gin, that’s your weekends in front of the TV sorted for some time to come.

Classic Mojito

A refreshing drink that will transport you to the Caribbean with a mere sip, the Classic Mojito is a favourite of nearly everyone. Olive magazine has a recipe here, should you want to try making these at home.

You’ll need some fresh mint leaves, white sugar, some rum (of course), soda, and Angostura bitters. Mojitos are easy to make and even easier to drink – just make sure you do so responsibly. You could also make a virgin Mojito with lime, sugar, mint and soda water only.

Classic White Russian

If you like a filling cocktail, look no further than the classic white Russian.

You will need two parts vodka, one-part kahlua (or other coffee-based liqueur), and two parts whole milk. It’s easy to make and is the perfect year-round cocktail, although the author of this blog suggests it’s ideal for the festive season, too – maybe one to practice now before December rolls around?

Pour your cocktail into tumblers a quarter full with ice – and enjoy.

Watermelon Lemonade

Here’s a great recipe for the warmer months…watermelon lemonade! Perfect for barbecues or even lazy days at home, this mocktail looks fantastic and is extremely easy to make.

You’ll need one or two large watermelons, some lemon juice, golden caster sugar, soda water, lime, mint, and plenty of crushed ice.

A fab centrepiece for your lockdown barbecue, the kids will love it, too.

The BBC has plenty more tasty non-alcoholic cocktail recipes online, so why not take a look and create some of these for the non-drinkers at your lockdown barbecue?

Will you be making any of these cocktails this weekend? Let us know by commenting on this blog post below – and don’t forget to check out our other blog posts while you’re here on the site. We have lots of kitchen-related inspiration, from decluttering to cooking up a storm with food cupboard staples.

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