Mother’s Day Meal Ideas

With Mother’s Day coming up soon (Sunday, March 27), you might be wondering how you can spoil your mum this year. Well, why not do so with a delicious homecooked meal? She’ll appreciate the time and effort you put into whatever dish you make!

We rounded up some of our favourite Mother’s Day meal ideas for you to try, regardless of your cooking experience or skill level. Read on…

A Sunday Roast

What better way to start this list off than with a Sunday roast? It’s perfect for Mother’s Day, which falls on a Sunday. Plus, who can resist the cosy appeal of a traditional roast enjoyed with good conversation?

At its bare minimum, a Sunday roast should have beef, veg and Yorkshire puddings. Don’t let this limit you, however. Maybe you can try out a roast lamb or a potato dish that could outshine your meat. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to end with a dessert as sweet as your mum!

Baked Salmon

For something simple, fresh and undeniably tasty, turn to none other than baked salmon. This light-tasting fish is excellent when seasoned and baked perfectly, as well as when served with a side of veg, such as broccoli or green beans. It’s certainly for the mums out there who crave simplicity, but baked salmon is nonetheless sumptuous and fancy.

Leek and Greens Lasagne

If you know your mother loves pasta, why not try this leek and greens lasagne out for size? This pasta dish is the definition of comfort food: it’s packed with plenty of veg, as well as classic meat, cheese and tomato sauce lasagne filling. This particular lasagne recipe is relatively good for you too (and your mum, of course), fhanks to the healthy inclusion of leeks, artichoke hearts, kale, and other mixed greens.

Chicken Alfredo

We’ve got another pasta recipe for you, albeit one that’s more decadent than the one previous. This chicken alfredo recipe is certainly something to rave about. It’s rich, it’s creamy and, most importantly, it’s ridiculously easy to make. Your mum will certainly be impressed by your cooking skills – as will you, as you tuck into this tasty pasta dish.

Avocado and Poached Egg on Toast

Treating your dear mum to brunch? Then you can’t skip out on toast with avocado and a poached egg, which is as posh as the name sounds. You may not think this toast is filling enough to stand up as a meal, but you’d be surprised. The avocado and egg are packed with enough healthy fats to keep both your and your mum’s bellies satisfied for a while.

You could skip the poached egg, if you like, and go for scrambled or boiled – whatever takes your mum’s fancy.

Fish Pie

We’ve got one more entry for seafood for the mums who can’t get enough of it. This simple fish pie recipe is a doddle to make, but both you and your mum will be surprised by how delicious and tasty it is. Soft, tender white fish is made even creamier with the help of a cheesy white sauce. Go on; give this recipe a try!

No matter what dish you choose to make your mum on Mother’s Day, just know that she’ll enjoy every single bite – because you made it. And for the mums out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

Until next time…