National Cherry Day: Some Recipe Ideas

If summer was a cake, then July would be the cherry on top. Which is just as well, because July 16  is National Cherry Day!  

Not only is this gem-like fruit sweet and delicious (unless you prefer yours more tart), it’s also crammed with vitamins and minerals, and is rich in antioxidants. What’s not to love!  

There are so many ways we can enjoy the humble cherry, whether it’s by adding them to a dish for a refreshing twist, or to your favourite dessert for added colour and sweetness, or simply allowing one or two to sit at the bottom of your favourite drink or cocktail, so you have a zingy treasure waiting  for you.  

Here are a few recipes to make July 16 the juiciest day of the year…

Cherry Coconut Sorbet 

This delicious treat has a meagre three ingredients. That’s right: three. Who would have thought that  mixing frozen cherries and bananas with coconut milk could taste so good? If you’re having friends  or family around this summer, spoil them with a good dollop of this, perhaps with a sprig of mint on  the side, if you’re feeling fancy. Warning: They might want more, so consider hiding it in the freezer until they’ve gone. 

Vanilla Cherry Pie 

Cherry + Pie = Amazing. It’s quite possible that these two words were meant for each other. Could there be a more heartwarming, comforting, indulgent dessert? That’s open to debate. Here’s an easy recipe that will make you want to keep the pie all to yourself. Serve it with cream or custard, ice cream or crème fraîche, and you have yourself a snippet of all that is good in the world. 

Easy 4-Ingredient Chocolate Cherry Cake 

This list would not be complete without a cake. We could have gone with the much-loved Black Forest Gateau, but we thought we would give you something a little different. How about a delicious chocolate cherry cake made with only four ingredients?  

That’s chocolate + cherry + cake…perhaps Cherry Pie has some competition for the best paired words, after all. 

It’s really easy to make, and everyone will go crazy over it. Serve it with ice cream, and you will  have just made summer that extra special. 

Cherry Crush Mocktail 

Why not celebrate National Cherry Day by making this crisp and aromatic beverage, with cherry  juice, cloves, star anise, and ginger? It will warm you up whilst cooling you down, just to confuse you. Oh, and it’s completely fat-free. You are welcome. 

Pick Your Own 

The UK season for picking cherries is from mid-June to mid-September. If you have a chance to pick your own, take advantage of this small window. Support farmers and local businesses. Picking fruit is like accepting treasure from nature’s hand. It makes for a great day out. The kids love it. It’s  a fantastic way for them to learn about where their food comes from, and with an increased understanding comes a greater appreciation. 

Until next time…