Next Week is National Barbeque Week!

There is nothing like the waft of barbecue food carried on a summer breeze to get your senses excited and your tummy rumbling.

This summer, with the sun finally shining, National BBQ Week runs from Monday, June 14 to Thursday, June 17 – and we can’t wait to celebrate.

All-time barbecue favourites

Burgers and sausages are the easy, go-to essentials for a British barbecue. They are always a hit with the kids, too. Shopping from your local butcher is a great way to explore new flavours and meats if you’re looking for a new take on the classic burger.

There are also loads of sauces, relishes and toppings you could look to add. You could look for local makers or you could try something like Tom Kerridge’s Gherkin Ketchup Either way, adding something different to your table sauces can make the ordinary burger, extraordinary and a simple sausage super special.  


Summer coleslaw…the crunch, the colour, so tasty and so easy. The trick to getting coleslaw just right is all the dressing and the chopping. Go too heavy with the mayo and you risk drowning out all the crunch. Go too big with the chopped veg and you lose the texture. For a colourful, rainbow-like coleslaw recipe that not only looks amazing but will also count towards that all important five-a-day, check this one out by Once Upon A Food Blog.

Summer drinks

From Pimms to Prosecco, summertime drinking brings out all the bubbles and all the flavours. Whether it’s a classic Mojito to wet your whistle or a twist on an old favourite like a Rhubarb Martini, now is definitely the time to experiment.

British prosecco is definitely something to try this summer during barbecue season. The award-winning brand Nyetimber has created a sparkling rose which is produced using the same methods as the classic cuvee.

Alternatively, if alcohol isn’t your thing, there are tonnes of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. Lyres are another award-winning drinks creator, only this time serving customers with non-alcoholic alternatives to gin. Their pink gin fizz set is currently on offer and would be a great treat for any outdoor get-together. Remember: always drink responsibly.

Kebabs and fish

Perhaps not the first thing that springa to mind when thinking of barbecue fodder, but a chicken breast chopped, skewered with peppers and onions and with a good dose of marinade is a great option. Chopping and skewering the meat means it’s quicker and easier to cook, as let’s face it no one wants to wake up with a poorly tummy from undercooked barbecue food. Same goes for fish, super quick and easy to cook and all you need is a bit of seasoning, oil and tinfoil…and you’re away.

Pineapple and coconut ice cream

Barbecued pineapple is an absolute culinary dream. Warmed and gently charred – perhaps with a little dash of rum and then paired with coconut ice cream. All the taste of the Caribbean in your own back garden!


Until next time…