Picnic Recipes for the Whole Family

Take advantage of the June heatwave we’ve been experiencing having a picnic in the great outdoors with your family. The lovely thing about picnics is that they can be held just about anywhere: the beach, the local park or even in your own garden.

We’ve put together a list of picnic recipes sure to please everyone in your family, ranging from the savoury to the sweet. Read on…

Epic Summer Salad

Salads seem to be tastiest when enjoyed al fresco, so make sure you toss together a fresh one for your picnic. And with a name like ‘epic summer salad,’ you can count on this salad recipe from BBC Good Food to satisfy your family.

This truly epic salad is packed with veg and protein, including baby spinach, radishes, cucumbers, black beans and feta. This recipe even calls for mango for a bit of sweetness. It even includes a recipe for a dressing that bursts with minty, zesty goodness.

Egg Mayo Sandwiches

What picnic is complete without sarnies, especially finger sandwiches? This delicious egg mayo sandwich recipe from Great British Chefs is sure to be a hit with everyone at the picnic, including the little ones. This entire recipe is such a doddle to make too.

The key to these egg mayo sandwiches is choosing soft white bread as your sandwich layers, and then making the mayo on your own. It’s easy! All you need for the mayo is egg yolk, oil (groundnut or vegetable will do), white wine vinegar, mustard powder and salt. That’s it.

Cheeseboard Tart

If you’re looking to use up your leftover cheese, or you simply want a simple but flavourful addition to your picnic, then give this cheeseboard tart recipe a try. Plum chutney is featured in this recipe, giving the tart an irresistible sweet and tangy kick.

The best part about this recipe? You can use any cheese your heart desires. Stilton, goat’s cheese, gouda — all’s fair game for this cheeseboard tart.

Stuffed Picnic Loaf

We have another bread-based recipe for you, but this stuffed picnic loaf is not your typical sandwich. In fact, it looks complicated, but why not give it a try? This recipe is actually quite easy to make, and while the loaf can be made from scratch, shop-bought bread will do just fine.

This herby picnic loaf overflows with gooey mozzarella, whipped spinach butter and juicy tomatoes. It’s the perfect recipe for a meal under the sky and shared with your family.

Apricot Cheesecake Bars

You can’t end a picnic without a sweet treat. These apricot cheesecake bars are especially handy to bring along on your next picnic. Small, portable and just as indulgent as a standard cheesecake, these bars make good use of fresh, seasonal apricots and crunchy amaretti biscuits.

The rest of the ingredient list for these apricot cheesecake bars is fairly short and simple as well; you’ll probably have everything you need in your cupboards or fridge already. Can you name a more perfect and convenient picnic dessert?

Until next time…