How to Prolong the Life of Your Appliances

So, it’s just been pay day but you’re still feeling the post-Christmas pinch. The last thing you need, then, is a bill for a household repair – or a key appliance packing in on you.

So, let’s not think too much about that…and instead we’ll focus on how you can get the best out of everything from your oven to your microwave. After all, we reckon you’d be pretty stuck without them, wouldn’t you?! Read on for some advice…

How to Look After Your Oven

Your oven is likely to be your most-used kitchen appliance, so make sure you afford it plenty of TLC. Here are some top tips on looking after it well:

Clean it Often

You should make sure you give your oven a good, deep clean at least twice a year. Call out a professional if you don’t fancy getting stuck in yourself – just make sure it forms part of your semi-regular household cleaning tasks. If you’re planning to clean it yourself, ensure you unplug it first, too.

Create a Spill Barrier

Cooking something that’s likely to spill onto over oven? If so, make sure you give the shelves a clean  as soon as possible. You could also create a handy spill barrier, using some baking parchment covered with tin foil under your racks. This will catch any spillages – just make sure you don’t block any vents.

How to Look After Your Microwave

Again, cleaning is vital if you’re to take good care of your microwave, so every now and then, switch it off and give it a good scrub. You should also:

Choose Crockery Carefully

Be wary of choosing crockery that isn’t microwave-safe. By doing so, you’re risking fires or explosions, so always check you’re using the right dishware. As a word of warning, you should never put aluminium foil, metal or crockery with gold or silver accents in your microwave. Take some time to educate older children on this fact, too.

Don’t Slam the Door

Prevent damage to your microwave door by closing it gently each and every time you use it. After all, by slamming it every time, you’re causing gradual damage to your microwave – and who wants to have to fork out for a new one?!


How to Look After Your Wine Cooler – and Your Wine!

So, you’ve just bought a fancy new wine cooler? Make sure you follow our top tips for looking after it.

Protect Your Wine from UV

You need to protect yourself from UV…the same goes for wine.  UV rays can cause otherwise stable compounds in wine to degrade – and no one wants a ruined bottle of their favourite tipple.

Keep it Clean

Try a cleaning solution of around three tablespoons of baking soda, mixed with warm water. Using a soft cloth, dampened with the cleaning solution, wipe down your wine cooler, before rinsing with clean warm water and drying with a soft cloth.



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